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There was one puppy, sprawled out on the floor kicking his feet back and forth as he dreamed of puppy dreams. There was one haughty, black cat running around and through a set of long legs. And there was one teenage girl, smiling happily at the woman who owned the legs. Some things changed as Coraline got older but one thing that would never change was how much she loved having tea with Helen every week.

"Cat get out from underneath Miss Helen's feet," Coraline said, rolling her eyes at her cats behaviour. Cat was only very friendly with certain people, Coraline being one of them and Helen being one of the others. "Hi Miss Helen, ignore Cat. He's being silly today. And very affectionate. Don't let him sit on your lap, he sheds everywhere."

Coraline straightened her dress, brushing it down smartly as she brought over the pot of tea.
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"Cat is just fine, I promise. Austen is much, much worse," Helen said, laughing lightly. She'd baked things for their tea, as she often did, and wondered what would happen if she showed up with a cake or a pudding or something elaborate like that. Ashley never liked her to make a big deal of such productions but Coraline, at least, seemed to appreciate it.

"Thank you for tea, Coraline."
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"If we were at home, I would let you have tea in my office with me. It's got a stained glass window," Helen explained, smiling fondly as she thought of it. "It's quite lovely. My butler is also a sasquatch. I think he'd adore you immensely."

Coraline did look a fair bit like Ashley had at that age.
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"Ah, it's not pronounceable. At least not by me, anyway. My throat doesn't make the proper sounds," Helen said, grinning a bit. "So I just call him my dear friend. Will and Kate call him the Big Guy, though, and he answers to it happily. I think he would adore you, Coraline."

He would, actually, and it sort of pricked Helen's heart to think about that and remember him, remember her life back home.
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"It's a castle, actually," Helen said quietly. She missed her house, her sanctuary, but talking about it helped to keep it alive in her memory.

"More or less, anyway. There's plenty of places for Abnormals, of course. Did you know we have a mermaid? She's very beautiful. She can talk to you without ever speaking a word."
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"Quite a lot of questions," Helen said with a laugh, stirring sugar into her tea. "More of a Queen's castle, not very princess like. She is not like a Disney mermaid and kayak? You have a kayak?"

That stopped Helen short for a moment. She had wanted to explore the other island but had no way of getting there...until now, it seemed.
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"I think you're old enough to have a touch of responsibility," Helen said, giving her a gentle smile. She was older than Ashley when Ashley had first started going on retrievals, for a start, and while Helen couldn't profess to be an expert at parenting, she thought Ashley had turned out well.

"I certainly don't see an issue with you kayaking so long as you've told someone you're going out so you're not just missing. That's really all I'd expected out of Ashley at your age."
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"Ah, I would like to borrow it. I want to go to the second island with Nikola," Helen explained, "But I didn't have access to a boat. If you'd graciously let me borrow the kayak, I would appreciate it. I might even offer something in exchange, hmm? Is there something you'd like that I can give you?"
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"Oh, I'm quite excellent with firearms," Helen said, laughing a bit. It was hard to remember sometimes that those on the island simply didn't have reference for many of the things she'd seen and done back in Old City.

"You should be careful with such a thing but I can teach you how to use it properly if you'll lend me your boat? Fair trade, I should think."
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"I shall expect you to be serious about it."

Helen expected Coraline to be clever about it, she was very good with the animals at the vet's office, but it needed to be said again because guns were a whole different beast.

"Guns can hurt someone if used improperly. If you want to learn from me, you'll be learning the proper way to handle them in order to keep yourself and others safe, all right? And if you horse around about it, I will stop teaching you."
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"Exactly the proper attitude," Helen said, nodding in agreement. "I always want to hear that sort of good judgment from a girl like you, especially if I'm going to teach you things that might end up being dangerous. This is exactly the sort of gravity I need you to apply to anything I teach you, not just guns."

Coraline, someday, might be very good at a very many things but it required having faith in her.
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"Eat as much as you like," Helen said warmly, laughing a little. "You never have to worry about eating in front of me, Coraline, I assure you of that. Take seconds and thirds, if you want. Call me progressive, but I simply hated being told it wasn't ladylike to eat my fill and enjoy my food."

That had changed, as she'd grown older, and she did restrict her intake but young girls didn't need that sort of discouragement.