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There were four brightly coloured birds sat peacefully in a nest opposite from the tree she sat in. There was one sleepy puppy, named Bobo, lying at the bottom of the tree. And there was one half naked man wandering around.

"Oh, really." Coraline said sighing, as she looked down at the man. Coraline rolled her eyes blowing her hair out of her eyes. Coraline really thought this was getting ridiculous. It was like there was an island wide shortage of shirts and only the men were the ones involved in the shortage. Which of course meant Coraline in turn was involved, mostly by the eye rolling and blushing and feelings. Feelings she was promptly going to ignore and of course, make the offending parties problem. "Why does no one wear any clothes? I mean, it's not like the clothes box doesn't give away free clothes all the time."

Coraline huffed before looking at the man with a gun. Coraline wondered if it was contagious, the lack of a shirt, really it was getting silly. Next, it would be Danny walking around shirtless or even worse... Sam. Gross.

"Do you need to borrow a shirt?" Coraline said swinging her legs down over the edge of the branch of the tree. Coraline reached for her bag, rummaging through it before bringing out her emergency supplies. Pulling out the shirts, Coraline held them up. "I have a hideous hawaiian pattern and a white one."
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Hannibal had decided that if he was going to be stuck in this place, he was going to make sure he had done everything he could to find a way out. Jungles were not really his thing, he much preferred cities. He didn't even like to go camping. But if there was a way off this island, it probably wouldn't be found in one of the buildings.

So he had to explore. And apparently islands were really fucking hot and humid. He was going to have to switch to tighty-whities to keep his balls from sticking to his leg like crazy glue.

He had been on the lookout for tigers and boars and dinosaurs and other jungle animals, but apparently he needed to keep on the look out for tree girls too.

"Why the fuck would I need a shirt?" he asked, glancing up at her.
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"Fuck ninjas. I'm a shirtless pirate, the shirt-ninjas are our mortal enemies," Hannibal said. If there were any genuine ninjas out there hunting shirtless people he would have probably already been attacked.

"I will shoot any ninjas I see in their pajama wearing ass."
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"Alright, if I'm not a pirate, then what am I?" he asked, still staring up at the girl. She seemed to have a very specific idea what pirates were supposed to look like. Hannibal couldn't really argue with her there, although he was pretty sure that he could pull off an eyepatch.
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Hannibal caught the shirt and promptly tied it around his head in a sort of makeshift hat to keep the sun off his head.

"Perfect, just what I needed. And do you even know what an accountant does?"
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"If you have no clue, you have to at least make up something funny," Hannibal told her, glad to hear that she was somewhat annoyed.

"Me? I would have said something like... someone who counts ants. A count ant."
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"That's a good one, you should have lead with that," Hannibal said with a nod, impressed with how clever the girl was.

"Thanks for the shirt, by the way. Wouldn't want to get my head sunburned."
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Hannibal tipped his imaginary hat at Coraline at the comment.

"Flatterer," he told her, giving her a wink. Hannibal had learned that the best response to comments like that was acting like you were pleased by them. Of course, 'best' meant 'quickest way to drive nuts' but that was beside the point.

"So do you just sit in trees, saving shirtless men from the ninjas all day?"
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"Why so focused on guys without their shirts then? You got a teenage fetish thing going on?" Hannibal asked. Or maybe she had been traumatized by shirtless people when she was younger or something.

"Or are you super prude?"
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"It means you're turned on by unusual stuff," Hannibal explained. Maybe having this kind of conversation with a 16 year old girl wasn't highly appropriate but it wasn't exactly inappropriate either. At least he hoped not.

"And hey, I'm not the one complaining about women not being allowed to go around topless. That is not a complaint you'll hear me having. And if you want clothing equality, then I'm gonna wear a thong to the beach."
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Hannibal rolled his eyes at the antics. As far as he was concerned, the girl was certainly old enough to hear about this sort of thing and should probably know about it already.

"Hey, I'm not the one that has a thing for shirts," he said. "And I have a right to wear a thong if I want. Jeez, you're like the fun police. Does someone pay you to tell people they can't do stuff?"
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"Just for that, I'm wearing a thong all the time now," he told her, smirking. Maybe it was childish to aggravate a teenager, but Hannibal never complained to be all that mature.
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"Hey, if I want to wear them over or without clothes, that's my right," Hannibal said, puffing up his chest just a bit. He could probably get away with a thong over his pants without it cramping his junk too much.
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"Challenge accepted!" Hannibal said with a nod. Looks like he'd be wearing some underwear on the outside of his clothes for the next little while. He'd also need to get some thongs and speedos.

"Is there one that says I can't? Because that's the important thing."
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"Then I'll make one that says people can't wear shirts," he added. If you really could just randomly make up laws that was pretty damn awesome. Hannibal could think of a lot of laws he would like to make.