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Coraline Jones ([personal profile] curiously_cora) wrote2012-02-25 10:34 pm
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There were four brightly coloured birds sat peacefully in a nest opposite from the tree she sat in. There was one sleepy puppy, named Bobo, lying at the bottom of the tree. And there was one half naked man wandering around.

"Oh, really." Coraline said sighing, as she looked down at the man. Coraline rolled her eyes blowing her hair out of her eyes. Coraline really thought this was getting ridiculous. It was like there was an island wide shortage of shirts and only the men were the ones involved in the shortage. Which of course meant Coraline in turn was involved, mostly by the eye rolling and blushing and feelings. Feelings she was promptly going to ignore and of course, make the offending parties problem. "Why does no one wear any clothes? I mean, it's not like the clothes box doesn't give away free clothes all the time."

Coraline huffed before looking at the man with a gun. Coraline wondered if it was contagious, the lack of a shirt, really it was getting silly. Next, it would be Danny walking around shirtless or even worse... Sam. Gross.

"Do you need to borrow a shirt?" Coraline said swinging her legs down over the edge of the branch of the tree. Coraline reached for her bag, rummaging through it before bringing out her emergency supplies. Pulling out the shirts, Coraline held them up. "I have a hideous hawaiian pattern and a white one."

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