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Coraline was completely unimpressed with Luke. Coraline wasn't completely naive, she knew that people had sex but all the people she knew that had sex were in relationships. Loving, happy relationships. Everyone told Coraline that if she wanted to have sex that she had to love that person very much and be very old and stuff. But Luke was using it like a- like a handshake. And that was wrong, Aphrodite was a Lady. She was a Goddess! And she had to be treated right! So Coraline was going to make sure Luke treated her right even if it meant he never, ever talked to her again.

"Aphrodite? Um, Miss Aphrodite?" Coraline called out scrunching her face up before knocking on her door. Coraline covered her ears just in case Luke was there before dropping them away. "Um, hello? Aphrodite? I'm here to talk to you. If you don't mind."
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Aphrodite is, in fact, home alone, her company for the night having already left to go about his day. She's slipping her awesomely cute new pink sandals on to go out herself when there's a knock at the door accompanied by a familiar girl's voice, and Aphrodite slips the second shoe on before going to answer it.

"Hey, Coraline!" she says, smiling brightly as she answers the door. "What's up, sweet pea?"
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"Oooh, sounds juicy," Aphrodite replies with an interested smile, her brows lifting briefly. She steps to the side and motions for Coraline to enter. "Come on in and you can tell me all about it."
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"Doesn't know how to treat a lady, huh?" Aphrodite takes a seat on her little couch, turned slightly to the side with her arm resting on the back, and gestures for Coraline to sit next to her. "This...friend wouldn't happen to be Johnny, would it?" If it is, he is so getting a talking to.
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Johnny sounds like he's doing well, and Aphrodite nods approvingly. Coraline's young, she doesn't really need to be doing more with a boy than what she's described. "So when you say this friend of yours is treating her terribly, how do you know that?" she asks, lips pursing slightly as she puzzles it out. "I mean, I assume you're not spying on them, so - does he tell you about the stuff they do together? Are you friends with the lady too and she's complaining about it to you or something?"
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"Not like that, silly," Aphrodite says with a little flip of one hand. "I just meant what they do together in general, not necessarily physical things."

She settles back a little more against her couch, listening to Coraline's explanation. "You don't think she knows?" she asks, slightly surprised. "How old is this girl? Are you sure that's what it is, and not just that she's not interested in that kind of thing?"
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Aphrodite gives Coraline an indulgent smile. "Oh, that's totally sweet of you, Coraline, but there aren't many people on this island who are actually my age." She looks way, way younger than she actually is, something Aphrodite's working totally hard to maintain.

She knows Coraline's being serious, but she can't help the almost pitying expression that crosses her face. Aphrodite's seen it before, when the girl who grows up believing in true love finds out that's not how it always works. "Awww, that is so cute," she says, not derogatorily, but it's clear she thinks Coraline is being naive. "Sweet pea, there's nothing at all wrong with deciding you want to wait until you are in love before you have sex. And there's nothing wrong with wanting romance, either, hey, I'm all for romance. But not everyone wants the same things, and that's okay too. There are all kinds of love."

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"Well, it's not really that black and white. People have sex for lots of different reasons. Sometimes because they're in love with each other, but not always," Aphrodite explains. "But just because they're not in love doesn't mean there isn't love involved. Like I said, there are all kinds of love, many, many kinds."

She pauses, her eyes narrowing. "What does me liking romance have to do with anything, though?" she asks. "These two people you're asking about, did I set them up or something?"
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"Wait, me and Luke?" Aphrodite repeats incredulously, her eyebrows raising. Presumably Luke told Coraline about them, otherwise Aphrodite doesn't know how she would have found out. "Hang on a second. So you're telling me you, a teenage girl, came here to to give me, the goddess of love, advice on how a guy I'm seeing should be treating me?"

Aphrodite bursts out laughing.
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"Because," Aphrodite says, still laughing, "you apparently don't understand just who it is you're talking to here." She's amused for now, giving Coraline the benefit of the doubt because of her youth, but that could change in the blink of an eye, if Coraline isn't very careful with what she says from here on out. "Believe me, I have no complaints whatsoever about the way Luke treats me. Do you really think I'd stand for it if I did?"
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"Coraline," Aphrodite says, and she's still smiling, but her voice takes on a warning tone. "Modern has nothing to do with it. I'm the expert on love, and that's eternal. Luke hasn't lied to me about anything or convinced me of anything, okay? It's not possible to lie to me when it comes to this stuff."

Aphrodite takes a breath. She knows Coraline is a stubborn teenager, but good grief. "No, I don't want to go on a date with Luke, sweet pea. I know he's nice. I like him when he's nice and I even like him when he's...being Luke. But we just don't have that kind of relationship."
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"Because we're not dating," she explains patiently, still managing that much, at least. "It's like I said before, not everyone wants the same things. Luke and I don't want that kind of relationship. Neither of us is looking for something serious."
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"Coraline," Aphrodite warns again, but this time with more emphasis on the warning and less on being amused. "Listen to me. I know you mean well, and I'm glad Luke is your friend, but you need to stop. I've already explained way more about my actions than I normally would to a mortal, especially one your age, because I like you, but you're about to go too far."
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Aphrodite gives Coraline an 'oh, puh-leeze' look. "You need to brush up on your Greek pantheon, sweet pea, I don't smite people," she says, and then sighs.

"Because life isn't like the movies. And there is no one 'proper' way to do things," she says, putting air quotes around the word 'proper'. "Love and everything that goes with it is way more complicated than that."
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"Oooooooookay," Aphrodite says, drawing the word out. "Remember what I said just now about going too far? You really, really might want to quit while you're ahead here. I mean it."
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"I'll keep that in mind," Aphrodite says, even though there is totally no way that is ever going to happen. If Aphrodite's ever going to talk to anybody about this stuff, and it's not very likely, it'll be Gabby.

"And hey, if you ever have questions about anything else, about love or sex or whatever you want to know, just ask and I'll totally talk to you about it, okay?" she adds. "Just not this. My love life is off limits."