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Coraline Jones ([personal profile] curiously_cora) wrote2012-03-21 01:26 pm
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Coraline was completely unimpressed with Luke. Coraline wasn't completely naive, she knew that people had sex but all the people she knew that had sex were in relationships. Loving, happy relationships. Everyone told Coraline that if she wanted to have sex that she had to love that person very much and be very old and stuff. But Luke was using it like a- like a handshake. And that was wrong, Aphrodite was a Lady. She was a Goddess! And she had to be treated right! So Coraline was going to make sure Luke treated her right even if it meant he never, ever talked to her again.

"Aphrodite? Um, Miss Aphrodite?" Coraline called out scrunching her face up before knocking on her door. Coraline covered her ears just in case Luke was there before dropping them away. "Um, hello? Aphrodite? I'm here to talk to you. If you don't mind."

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