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There were fourteen patients; three in critical condition, nine stable and two ready to be discharged. There were ten bunches of flowers; four mixed rose bouquets, one tulip bouquet, three lily bouquets and two wild flower bouquets. There were four nurses on shift, one orderly and a tea lady named April who did in fact know how to make a proper cup of tea and of course there were the Other Doctors who Coraline mostly seemed to ignore especially the handsy one. Some of the Other Doctors were idiots, the nursing staff on the other hand were quite good and April, April was a saint. Especially when she bought her a cup of tea in the middle of an eighteen hour shift.

"Hello Miss Spink," Coraline asked, brushing her hand on the shoulder of one of the new nurses before leaning across the desk to take the mug from her. Taking a mouthful Coraline let out a low happy moan, her hand tightened on the shoulder before she let go and smiledbrightly at the tea lady. "Miss Spink you are a lifesaver. How's your knee?"

"Oh, you know can't complain. It's Miriam's hip that are the problem, when we used to tread the boards we never had any troubles but now everything aches and creaks." Coraline smiled, turning before hopping up onto the desk swinging her long legs back and forth as she drank the tea. Looking down startled at the handsome man staring up at her, Coraline flushed as he stared intently at her. No one really looked at her like that before not like they wanted to... um, eat her. It was kind of creepy and a little bit hot. "Here Aidan dear, I made you a nice cup of coffee."

Coraline swallowed her tea as he reached over to take the coffee, his intense stare lightening as he smiled at Miss Spink.

"Have you met Aidan yet Caroline? Aidan is one of our nurses, he's taking over some of Rebecca's shifts. Aidan this is Doctor Jones."

"It's Coraline actually, Coraline Jones. Hello," Coraline said offering her hand.
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Aidan had seen the attractive doctor around before, it was hard not to with those long legs and... well, the entire rest of her. Had Aidan believed in that sort of thing, he would have prayed for ugly doctors, the attractive ones making him a bit more... hungry than the others. And Doctor Jones definitely looked good enough to eat.

"Nice to meet you," he said, smiling as he shook her hand. She felt warm, a sign of good circulation, and had a good grip. He had to struggle not to take a deep breath and inhale her scent. That would come across more than a little creepy.

"If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. That includes running interference with Dr. Talos, I know he can be rather... fond of the newer doctors."
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For a moment, he got lost in the sound of her pulse, of her neck being so close to his face and how nearly impossible the desire to sink his teeth into her was. He was definitely going to need to get a bag of blood to settle his nerves before his shift was over.

It took him a moment to snap out of his haze and realize that she was talking to him, asking about places to hang out in the area. He wasn't sure if she was hitting on him or just honestly wondering. Either way, it probably wasn't a good idea, which meant he was probably going to go along with it.

"There's a bar not too far from here that I think is pretty good. You can usually find one of the staff there at any given time. There's also a good sandwich place just around the corner. And I know a decent tea shop within walking distance."
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"I spent a few years overseas, so I think I'm a pretty decent judge of tea."

Never mind that those years were during World War I and II and that his tastes didn't exactly run the same as a humans, he thought it was good enough to recommend a decent place. Plus, she seemed to be pretty eager for his company and tea between two colleagues wasn't a big deal, right?

"Yeah, you probably asked Josh, my roommate. He's a bit excitable."

He was also due to turn into a werewolf tonight, and that was probably not one of the new and exciting activities that Dr. Jones was hoping to be introduced to.

Now, if only the annoying ghost that was trying to get the doctor's attention would leave. Usually Aidan could do a decent job of ignoring them, but this one was pretty persistent. Pushing away from the counter, Aidan casually grabbed a handful of magnets off of the nearby clipboard, waving them through the ghost and hoping that the iron in them would be enough to dispel the ghost temporarily.

"And I don't mind. When do you finish your shift?"
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Aidan arched an eyebrow at the innuendos she was throwing around, whether they were accidental or on purpose he wasn't entirely sure. It would be pretty hard for her to not realize what she was saying though.

When she put her hands on his, he could feel the warmth of her blood in her touch and he licked his lips unconsciously. He really, really needed to top off after work before he went out with this girl. Even if she wasn't flirting with him, it would be hard to resist taking a nibble just based on his attraction to her alone.

"Josh is... very sweet in his own way. And I get off in four hours, so why don't I swing by after your shift and show you the tea shop? Unless you'd rather go to the pub."
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Aidan had spent the remained of his shift keeping an eye out for an appropriate time to sneak a few bags of blood into his bag so that he'd be ready for tonight, just in case things went... well, went any direction, really.

Sally had been far too interested in where he had been going and had needled him with questions until he had finally caved and given in and answered her. Josh would have been cautious (and rightly so) about Aidan going out but Sally was rather enthusiastic. Maybe it was the whole living vicariously thing.

Heading out of the apartment just as she would have been getting off, Aidan made it to the hospital around the time he figured she would be done. He had opted for his standard wardrobe of jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket for the night, keeping it casual for wherever they went.

Just as he headed up the steps to the entrance, he bumped into Dr. Jones as she was leaving. Literally.

"Hey," he said, flashing her a smile. "And don't worry about it, I know how refreshing those showers can feel after you put in several hours of hard work."
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"My drinks only have umbrellas when it's raining," he joked, giving her a half smile. Maybe it would have been a better joke on someone who knew he was a vampire. Of course, jokes about drinking from humans maybe weren't the best kind of jokes to be throwing around right now.

Before he had time to think about it too much though, she grabbed his hand and pulled him after her, apparently rather eager to get tot he pub. The enthusiasm was adorable and kind of endearing. He could see why Josh would have been flustered by her though.

"But I'm mostly a bear drinker," he said.

"Liar, liar, pants of fire," a voice called out from behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw a grinning Sally behind him.

"And wow, Aidan, you were right, she IS hot. Check out those legs. Damn, I am totally jealous of those legs. You think she works out? You'll have to let me know because you are totally tapping that tonight, aren't you?"

The one problem with being friends with a ghost, besides not being able to hug them, was that you couldn't talk back to them in the company of people who couldn't see them.
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Both Aidan and Sally completely froze. There was absolutely no way Coraline should have been able to hear what Sally said. As far as Aidan knew, only supernatural creatures could really see ghosts, and Aidan would have known if she was a vampire or a werewolf.

"You... can see her?" Aidan asked, glancing back and forth between Sally and Coraline. That could not have been a more awkward introduction.

"Oh my god!" Sally gasped. "Oh my god, you can see me!"
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"We're more interested in how you can see her," Aidan said, eyes narrowing just a bit. You didn't live for 250 years by being overly trusting, especially when things were really weird.

"Aidan, shut up, she can see me!" Sally said, obviously much more pleased about the situation than he was. Aidan supposed when you could only talk to a very limited number of people, finding a new one could be thrilling.

"My name is Sally and, wow, totally awkward. I had no idea you could hear or see me."
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"I'm so sorry, I just- Aidan said you were really gorgeous and he doesn't date like... at all, so I had to see who this girl was that actually got him out of the house," Sally explained.

Aidan sighed and scrubbed his hands over his face. That was... not information that Aidan had really wanted Coraline to know. He wasn't one to really fawn over people like that and Coraline seemed like the type of person who would tease him about that.

"So, that's my roommate Sally," Aidan said, giving a tight smile. "The doe-eyed orderly you saw earlier was Josh, our other roommate."
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Aidan was stunned for a brief moment by the comment about her knickers, but she moved on from it too quickly for him to really comment on it, which was fine. It was probably best if he moved on from thoughts of those nature.

"Josh and I's... ability to see the supernatural is what brought us together in the first place," Aidan said, glancing over at Sally. It was probably best if they kept the vampire and werewolf stuff under wraps for the moment. That probably wouldn't go over as well as the ghost thing.

"You have no idea how glad I was that someone who could see me moved in," Sally gushed.
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"I... highly suggest you don't go into the decommissioned wing of the hospital," Aidan said. There were the crazy ghosts, the ones that were completely out of it and past any hope. He was fairly sure Coraline would not enjoy being around them at all.

"Yeah, that is definitely a no-no place," Sally said, wincing at the memory. "But look, I've taken up enough of your time. Coraline, it was nice to meet you. Please come visit. Like, anytime, I don't go out much except to harass the boys."
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Aidan raised an eyebrow when Coraline's fingertips brushed against his ass. That was definitely forward, but definitely not unwelcome, and he leaned back just a bit to press her hand more firmly against his ass to let her know.

"I'm single," he told her, giving her a small smile. His love life was more than a tiny mess, but he was definitely single.

"Okay, definitely time for me to catch you all later," Sally said. Before she disappeared though, she mouthed "marry her" to Aidan before transporting herself somewhere else.

"So no one is going to mind if you come over."
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"Not that this is a date or anything," he said with a nod. Either way, Coraline seemed like a lot of fun. Flirty fun, but also intelligent fun, so this was going to be a good time either way.

"And the pub is this way," he said, nodding his head as he continued to walk. "So what brought you to be a doctor in the States?"

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