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Out of Phase: Artefact discovered

There were several well trekked paths and one newly forged one, leading away from most of the huts created by human feet. And another created by smaller feet. There was one bunch of flowers, fourteen individual red and yellow flowers picked and left on a rock which was not particularly interesting. There was one noisy small blonde human. And then there was the boar minding its own business until something strange happened.

A pulse of bright white light came out of the jungle startling it, screeching the boar ran angrily towards the source. Crashing into something metallic, the boar grunted and gruffed at it turning as it shuffled in the dirt. The metallic thing was broken into pieces, snuffling at it the boar mouthed at pieces before swallowing a couple of smaller pieces. Making an unpleased noise it tried to cough, trampling the artefact and kicking pieces of it further away. Stumbling forward it dragged some pieces alongside with it as it carried on its grumpy journey.

The boar didn't know what it had done. And it wouldn't for long. Boars didn't tend to last very long on the island. Not with so many hungry mouths to feed.

And the small blonde human? She'd disappeared without trace.
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One of the first things you learn about the Island is that random stuff just shows up sometimes. Underwater cities. Space stations. A coffin you were buried in, once upon a time -- and a coffin that was mercifully empty. After a while, you just learn to keep an eye out for the stranger amongst the strange. And what appears to be a component of some piece of unfamiliar tech? Qualifies as strange.

If it was in the scrapyard, I don't know that I'd pay it half a mind, but way out here, in the middle of nowhere? It's something that grabs my attention. This belonged to someone, obviously -- unless those flowers picked themselves, which I can't actually rule out -- but the question of who remains as big a mystery as the question of what, exactly, this thing once was a part of.

So I take it back home. Well. 'Home.' I take it back to my house, at any rate. I don't exactly have Tony's old set-up, but I've got enough equipment in there to run tests. Heck, I even lucked into a fancy pants computer, recently, so I don't have to keep running equations longhand.

Not that that's stopped me from covering the walls with marker.

Setting the doohickey down on my desk, I dig out my glasses from under a stack of papers and slip 'em on, giving the right lens a tap. Immediately my field of vision is filled by a spider-web of red and blue lights, the rudimentary HUD I've been working on with components salvaged from the S.H.I.E.L.D. car that crashed into a tree outside my house this past January -- the Island's idea of a gift -- springing to life before my eyes. I've got a drawer full of watch batteries culled from the clothes box to keep the damn thing running, but it's a bit more portable than my other options.

I pick up the doohickey to give it a look-see.

"So what have we-- Ooh. That's. Huh."

Residual radiation. Maybe I shouldn't be handling this with my bare hands. Or maybe I should go find the nearest spider, there's an idea. Booting up my laptop, I turn on the webcam and swivel the screen so I can record the initial analysis, murmuring details and basic readings aloud. Whatever this thing is, it's a lot more exciting than I'd've thought, that's for sure.
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So there's a head coming out of my desk.


It's not my finest moment. I topple out of my chair, glasses falling askew. There's a terrifying five seconds I think the laptop's gonna join me on the floor, but it stays, precariously balanced, on the desk's edge. The mystery object's not so lucky, falling into my lap. I lift it away from my valuables ASAP and pull off my glasses, staring up.

Because I might've mentioned that there's a head coming out of my desk. And from this angle, I can tell it's attached to a body. A quasi-translucent body.

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"--I've gathered that."

Is this a hallucination? (And if it is a hallucination, why the heck am I imagining Coraline Jones, of all people. Surely my subconscious has a deeper catalogue of weird choices to choose from.) I push my glasses back up my nose and flick the HUD on again with an impatient tap, a web of information dancing in front of my eyes that makes about as much sense as everything else that's happening at the moment.

Which is to say: not much at all.

I reach out to touch her shoulder only to find my hand passes right through. Not surprising, given the trick with the desk, but it's still another point of data.

"--why are you in my house?"
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"No offense, but you're hard to ignore," I say, pulling my hand out of her shoulder. She is, generally speaking. Which means I probably should've picked up on the fact that she was following me sooner... So why didn't I? Frowning, I pick myself up from the ground and plant myself back in my chair.

"And physically incapable of knocking right now-- Wait, you died?"

Probably should've picked up on that detail a little sooner, too.

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Ein had found something very interesting. Very interesting, indeed. He'd been following a boar scent, not that he could hunt them, but he liked the chase. Chasing things was still fun. Even with the smarts he'd been given, he still loved the chase. Today, though, today the chase gave him something new. Something shiny, metal and new. He pawed at it, putting his nose against it, it had a strange smell.

So, he decided to take it to Edward. She liked strange pieces of technology. Holding it in his teeth with a doggy grin, he started off.
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With a yip of surprise, Ein jumped, dropping the piece of metal before staring. He tilted his head one way, then the other, then lunged for Coraline to see if he would go through her again. She didn't seem like a hologram, but one could never be too sure.
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With his tongue lolling out in a doggy grin, Ein yipped twice. She might be a fancy hologram, but he could see and hear her. Mostly. Maybe Edward should see this.

Picking up the piece of something he'd found, he started off again in the direction of home.

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Grey Wind is usually after something--he is, after all, a natural predator, and not being required to eat humans on the island, he indulges his native instincts by taking down large, tasty animals. What he normally does not do is let his human in on the fun--it's time reserved for running with his mate and his four-legged pack.

But this is a strange thing that Grey Wind doesn't understand. It's certainly not edible. A human thing, he knows, and this is why he raises his voice to summon Robb to him. If it is a human thing, the humans may be looking for it. Or whoever it belonged to. Grey Wind sniffs at it again. It doesn't smell like death, or magic, but as to the other aspects of humanity, a direwolf is not well-versed at all.
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Grey Wind sniffs the air curiously--something doesn't seem quite right, though he couldn't put a paw on quite what it is. His big warm nose is actually very close to Coraline, or would be if they were quite in the same part of reality. Looking confused, he sits back, just as his human finally catches up to him.

"There now, what have you found?" Robb asks, looking puzzled.
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Sure enough, Robb can't hear her. Grey Wind looks as though he might, but he can't smell, only the traces of her, and that confuses him more than a little.

Robb crouches down to get a look at the strange thing his wolf has discovered, but has no idea what it is. "Is this it? Are we to take it back to the compound for Dairine to put in one of her machines, is that it?"

Grey Wind is not sure.

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Disappearances were part and parcel of life on the Island. If Ray's honest, when he heard the reports about Coraline, there hadn't been anything particularly hinky about it. His sixth sense, the hunches he'd honed as a cop, didn't tell him there was anything out of the ordinary. Her number was just up; it was her time to go.

So why the hell was he traipsing around the jungle yelling for her? She was probably tucked up at home - her real home somewhere over the rainbow - blissfully unaware that there was currently a disgruntled police officer wasting his time searching for her. His conscience and excessively annoying partner might have had something to do with it. You have to show willing, Ray. You're an authority figure. You have to be seen to be doing everything possible to relieveyaddayaddayadda blah blah. Ray had agreed to take a look just to shut everyone up.

He wasn't going to find anything though. Of that much he was sure.
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Getting his pants leg caught by a prickly and oh-so-gross leaf, Ray grunted in annoyance and pulled it free, tearing a rip in the material in the process.

"This place blows!" He yelled, frustration bubbling over, checking the damage with a look of seething rage. "Five more minutes," he told himself, taking a deep breath to try to calm down. His hands were balled into fists by his sides as he trudged through the dirt. "Five more minutes and then you can go home and tell them you've done all you can. Four more minutes and fifty five seconds..."
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Huffing out a sigh through his nose, Ray scanned the area as he went, looking for anything that might give him a sign. The problem with this case was the girl in the centre of it. Everyone he had spoken to said the same thing - that she loved exploring. Ray'd bet his bottom dollar this wasn't the first time she'd disappeared, so if she was still on the island, she'd more than likely show up at some point.

Without the need for him to mutilate his best pair of pants.

"Coraline!" He called out, voice a little rough from the strain. "It's the IPD, can you hear me?" There was a sharp angle beneath his shoe and he rocked his weight back quickly in case it broke. Crouching down, he brushed the dirt away and hesitated for a moment before giving the thing a tap.

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