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Kicking her legs back and forth, Coraline yawned and scratched her nose as she read her genetics textbook. Rolling over onto her back, she stretched her arms and legs out before sighing noisily. Hearing the familiar sound of her boyfriend wandering about, Coraline tilted her head back and stared up at him from where she was lying on the bed.

"Hey, I didn't think you were coming over today." Coraline said, blinking as she stared up at him. Brow furrowing she stared at the stuff he had and how nice he looked. "Why are you dressed up so nice?"
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Coraline looked lovely, all stretched out like that. I thought about changing my plan to breakfast in bed, except I'd already set up plans and, besides, it was the afternoon. And I had taken a moment to spruce myself up a bit. And I had a basket, food and a blanket.

"To see you," I replied, grinning. "I thought I'd take my girlfriend on a picnic this special day."
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I didn't need much (or any) encouragement to kiss Coraline. I knelt beside her so my face was level with hers and kissed her deep. When we paused to breathe, I said, "I thought we should have a picnic on our first anniversary."
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"Mmm," I said, as she pulled me on top of her. I held her, feeling once again that wonderful sensation of closeness, that was at once exhilarating as it was delightfully familiar by this point. But my brow furrowed at her question.

"Our first anniversary," I said. "It's been a year since we decided to get together, remember?"

And decided to crush Johnny Maxwell's heart, and then face the Other Mother. But I pushed that out of my mind. I wanted to focus on the positives; the kissing and... stuff.
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"Cool!" I kissed her back. "I thought maybe a picnic by the beach?" I kissed her again. "Now, maybe... or... later?"

Gods, she was good to kiss!
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Okay, later, maybe. In the meantime, I helped Coraline with the shirt tugging, and pulled the thing over my head and tossed it aside. "I guess the picnic can wait," I said, brushing her lips with my own.
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"This picnic is going very well already," I said. Beach, who needs a beach? I kissed her forehead, and ran a hand down her side. "Very well indeed.
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Yup. Picnic be damned. As she wrapped her legs around me, and we pushed closer to each other, I kissed her back, letting the moment swamp me. My hands, practically moving of their own accord, slipped beneath the hem of her shirt and started easing it up. Yes...
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"Not... particularly." My voice was somewhat strained. Condoms, I thought. They were in the basket, somewhat out of reach. Perhaps Coraline had some handier. I... we'd cross that bridge when we came to it. "Maybe... picnic... later."

It always amazed me how, even though I was on top, Coraline could have me completely under her control.
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Oh, boy. Oh, man. Um... There really didn't seem to be much to say, or much that I could say. This was... going very well. I certainly wasn't complaining. My hands, practically moving of their own accord, shifted down, and began undoing the button of her shorts. "Coraline," I breathed. "Gods..."
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"Cor-Coraline," I gasped. I barely registered that we were both naked. Or, rather, I knew. I knew it in my soul. But that part of my mind that made rational decisions, it was too busy being swamped with... everything. I pushed against her. I felt us...

My eyes widened. I looked at Coraline in shock. Were we...?
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If there was a conscious thought, it could have said that I was taking the male pill. I should still have asked, first. But that's all in hindsight. As Coraline clasped me close with every part of her, I pulled her tight against me. We were as close as it was possible to be to each other. We wanted this intensely, and we began to move.
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Her wish was my command. This was intense. We moved together primally, and I thrust deep inside her. I felt every inch of her. We'd never been this close before, I was sure. I didn't realize sex could be this intense. Gasping, I kissed Coraline, hard.
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Feeling her come of course sent me over the edge. With a yell, I came inside her. For a moment, there was nothing but the moment. The closeness, the contact. So this is how close it's possible to be with someone. No wonder.

For a moment, I could only lie, entwined with her, still inside her, as our breathing eased.
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No, that was the perfect moment, not the one just before it. Hearing Coraline say those words, and the way she said those words, capped everything and made it real. Real in ways I'd never thought things could be before.

I took a deep breath, held it a moment, then let it go. "I love you too, Coraline," I whispered. "Gods, so much." I kissed her neck tenderly.
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Oh, fuck!

I mean, yeah, I was on the male pill, but still, we used both. We agreed to use both. That was the deal. And we didn't.

I pulled off her, hoping against hope that in all the confusion... but no.

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"I'm sorry!" I babbled. Adrenaline was running through me, as if I was facing a horde of Titan minions. "I mean, I'm on the male pill, but still, that's no excuse, I know that. It's just--" What did I jus say about there being no excuse? Ah, crap! I'd ruined it. I'd ruined it all. "I'm sorry!"
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There was no going back on this, and I hated the fact that I'd ruined a perfect moment with my own stupidity. I had no clue what to do, except to say I was sorry. So I said it. I meant it. "I'm sorry," I said. "I really am. I-- Coraline, I--" I exhaled. Nope, no clue what to do. I felt rotten. "I'm sorry."
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I clasped the hand that Coraline offered. There was... relief when Coraline didn't throw me out, but the shame remained. Frankly, she'd had every right to. But it looked like we could get past this and, more importantly, she was willing to. "Sorry," I said again. I sighed. "I promise I won't be stupid again. At least, not about this."