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"You're just a thing she made and then threw away." - Coraline

Leave things Here for Coraline to throw away.

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Hi Coraline,

Sorry I couldn't make it to the birthday party. More than one children's party in a single month is over terminator quota.

Don't know if these books are directly relevant to battling the Other Mother, but they should come in handy.

Happy birthday.

Austin, the Tea-1000

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Note: On the back, in Sookie's handwriting, she has written:

I heard from a couple of birdies that it was your birthday recently. There'll be a small cake waiting for you at the party, if you don't mind it being a little late. xo

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Left in pup's mailbox, the morning of 5/10:

Image (

[image itself is a link. 8D]

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Letter to Coraline


If you are reading this, then I'm afraid that I have disappeared from the Island.

I know that this isn't what you wanted to hear. If it were up to me, I would stay in this place. I have moved on from home and made a good life, here. I have a good husband, friends, a fulfilling career. I don't want to leave that. But in my heart, I know that I don't have a choice. I only hope that, if I have disappeared, that Zell has disappeared with me. I hate the thought that I've left him a widower.

And I hate the thought of how you must be feeling. We've both lost so many good friends, and I know how much it hurts. I'm sorry. This is the worst thing about this place, by far.

I have asked that most of my things may be donated to where they would be of most use, but there is something I want you to have. There is a bird mask -- something I wore to a masked ball a couple of weeks after I arrived on the Island. It was a craft project that Lucy and I worked on. I know how close you were to Lucy, and she was my first major disappearance. I think she would want you to have this.

This is a horrible place, so much bigger than we are. It torments us in so many ways. So every happy moment we share, every friendship or love that we forge, is a victory. I know this hurts, and take the time to mourn, but don't let this close you off to friends and loves. This hurts because friendship and love is so valuable. It's wrong that it's been taken away. But it would be more wrong to let that stop you from reaching out.

I have loved the times we have had together. You are a sister to me. And as hard as this is, nothing can take away the moments that we shared. Thank you. I love you. I always will.

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Note found in her mailbox:


The twins's 2nd birthday party is in a week, and I want to do something more involved than just a day at the ice cream parlor. I was thinking of the dell just outside the Officers club, with the flower garden and picnic tables, and would really appreciate your help with decorations, game ideas and goodie bags.

If you agree to help, meet me outside the hut tomorrow-say tomorrow at around 2?

Sonya Blade