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There were four people she could talk to about this. She could talk to her boyfriend, who to be fair was the cause of her problem. Sweet and kind, a little dorky but a really nice, normal guy. And he'd probably get completely embarrassed and die of shame by her talking about their... problem. Yeah, that wasn't happening.

So, that left three people. All three were her mates and all three posed unique and different problems by bringing up her problem. She could talk to Josh and get a look of despondent despair and embarrassment before he noped out of the conversation. No, that wasn't likely. She could talk to Sally, who was a ghost which seemed a little insensitive. Seeing as Sally didn't have any bodily functions unless she possessed people and that was a slippery slope down to bad places. No, she couldn't ask Sally. Which left one person; Aidan.

"Yeah, I'm doing this." Coraline muttered to herself as she knocked on the door to their house. Leaning against the wall, she reconsidered her choices before shaking her head. She'd timed it perfectly, Aidan would be the only one in the house and she could ask him and it would be fine. He was her friend, right? This was what friends did. They... talked about sex together. Or at least they did in Sex and the City world. So, it'd be fine. No awkwardness at all. "Hey! I thought I'd come and keep you company."

Coraline smiled up at Aidan. Yeah, this was going to go so well. She could feel it in her bones.


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