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There had been a newly forged path, leading away from civilisation. There had been a grumpy, grizzly boar minding it's own business. There had been a beautiful, smooth Artefact lurking innocently in the jungle. And there had been a teenage girl not minding hers, poking things she shouldn't have poked. That was how it began but not how it ended. At least Coraline hoped that was not how it ended.

She was hungry, she was thirsty. She hadn't died, that much was clear but she was starting to fade not in appearance but in energy. She couldn't touch anything which meant she couldn't eat anything or drink anything either. She was tired, really tired and she just wanted to go home. She didn't care if that made her sound childish because she was afraid, she was scared and she didn't know how much longer she could last like this. She didn't think very much longer.

She licked her lips, sitting on the floor in the corner. Maybe they could fix this, maybe they couldn't. She didn't know. All she knew was...

"Can you- if this doesn't work can you tell everyone that I loved being here?" Coraline asked, feeling more like a child than she had in years. "I just- I don't want them thinking that I didn't."
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Coraline yawned, stretching her arms up as she kicked her sheets off her bed. Legs dangling off the end of the bed Coraline sat up onto her arms and stared down at legs that were longer then last night. Coraline knew she grew and grew quite quickly but this was ridiculous. Swinging her legs over Coraline walked over to her marked door and stood back against it before placing her hand above her head.

"How have I grown two inches?" Coraline asked curiously before frowning at her voice. It sounded weird. It sounded older. Coraline looked down at herself, at the clothes that had been too big on her last night but were now too snug. Especially around the chest area. "What the-BILL! BILL!"

Coraline opened her door, storming out into the hall and down towards the kitchen before she finally caught sight of her reflection. Coraline paused mouth open in shock as she looked at her face... her body! Coraline swallowed before giggling. This was going to be so awesome! She looked old!

"Nevermind!" Coraline yelled, turning around and around as she looked herself over. "This is so cool."

Looking around Coraline grabbed one of Bill's shirts and ran back towards her room with a happy whoop. Coraline put her 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on her door before shutting it with a bang. Coraline needed a plan of action, Coraline needed to... get rid of her Coraline-ness.

"Okay, let's see. No key, no bracelet, no catbag, no Cat you'll have to stay here, no... wellies. Oh, but I like my wellies." Coraline said grumbling to herself as she began to write a list of things she wanted to do now that she was a Grown Up. "And I need a legend. A simple one just like Adam did. I could be Jo or ha! I'll be Caroline! Right, first I need clothes. And then I need a drink or a kiss or something! Ha this is brilliant!"

Coraline shrugged out of her clothes into Bill's oversized shirt and tugged on a pair of converse flats. Wrapping a belt around her middle she looked- well, Coraline thought she looked odd but she in fact looked hot. Peeking out of her bedroom Coraline looked around before making her escape.

"Going out!" Coraline yelled as she ran out of the Homestead. The island was in for a whole world of trouble.

OOC: Catch Coraline going up to the Compoung or trying to find something to wear.
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Coraline counted the scones (8). Four had mysteriously gone missing. Stupid Jacob Black. First ruining her card and now stealing her scones. Or it could have been Cat. Or the pair of them, Coraline was convinced those two were in cahoots.

Then Coraline counted the cups and saucers (2). One for her and one for Miss Helen. Coraline had wanted to invite Mister Will too but well, Coraline didn't want to talk to Will. Will wouldn't understand. Will was a boy. Miss Helen wasn't. Miss Helen was clever and smart and British! Coraline was sure she'd know what to do.

And then Coraline counted all the confused little girls in the Homestead Kitchen (1). Coraline was so confused how to feel and what to do. She wondered if this was how grown ups felt all the time or if this was something just made especially for her. Coraline was angry and hurt and worried and confused. Coraline didn't know who to believe. She wanted to believe Percy but she didn't want to believe that of Luke. And Luke was... was... confusing.

Coraline sighed, shooing Cat away as he jumped up on the table to sniff around the remaining scones. Coraline picked up her haughty black cat and dumped him on the floor as she waited for Helen to show for their afternoon tea. Coraline was sure Miss Helen would know what to do.
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Coraline knew what she had to do. Coraline hid him out of sight and threw the key at the creature in front of her. Its head snapped up away from the little boy, button eyes narrowing at Coraline and long red claws curling into her palms. She smiled at Coraline, blood and gore covered her dress, as she stepped forward and away from Sawyer towards her. Coraline stepped back, she had to get her away from him. She wouldn't let her hurt anymore kids.

"Come on, what are you scared of? Me? I'm just a thing, a kid and you're scared of me! You're pathetic!" Coraline shouted at her. The buttons flashed and then she was moving, her body elongating and twisting into the monster she truly was. She was scared, she was terrified of her but she had to be brave. She had to save him. The Sawyer Other Mother creature moved quicker than Coraline remembered, her claws reaching out to grab her and Coraline let out a shriek, stumbling backwards onto a hallway floor that hadn't been there a moment ago.

Looking behind her confused, Coraline stared at the long hallway for a moment before remembering she needed to run. Scrambling backwards, Coraline rolled back and up onto her feet in one fluid motion and it was only then that she saw or rather didn't see. The Other Mother was gone, the boy was gone, the room was gone and only a long hallway remained in both directions. A long hallway with no windows, no doors and eerie flickering lights.

"I don't understand," Coraline said quietly, turning around on the spot as she tried to figure out what was going on. The place was silent except for the ticking that echoed down the corridor. Coraline felt an unease spread through her body at the noise. This place was wrong and she had to get the Other Mother and then she had to getout. Coraline ran down the corridor screaming. "Where are you? Come on! Come out and face me you coward!"
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Coraline was thirteen years old, she was independent and brave and smart but right now, right now Coraline didn't feel like any of those things. Coraline felt rather small actually, small and weak and hurt and what she really wanted right now was her daddy and her mum. Or rather what she wanted was Adam and Sarah. Everywhere hurt from her head to her toes. Her head hurt the worst thought, it made everything hard to focus and she'd been sick earlier. She didn't like being sick.

And the worst thing was Coraline knew that Adam was going to yell at her. Or worse he was going to be disappointed in her. She hadn't meant to get hurt, she hadn't even seen the monster but it had been there and it had hurt her. It had hurt her friends. And now Adam was going to be cross with her. She wasn't sure what was worse; being hurt, knowing Adam was going to be cross or being unable to help her friends because she was weak. Weak and tired and hurt.

Coraline winced at the bright light in the clinic and slowly lifted a scraped and bruised arm to cover her eyes and protect them from the light. It hurt, everything hurt.
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Coraline walked slowly along the path, trying to drag her walk home out as much as she could. It wasn't that she didn't love Adam or want to go home to see her baby sister or see Sarah even, it was just she was fed up of being treated like a child and then like an adult and then like a child again. So, she was going to go home but not get there a minute before she had to. Not when she could drag this walk out all she liked.

It was really, really rubbish being thirteen. No one told you that. They told you about teen romances but they never told you how much they hurt, they told you about all the freedom you had but didn't tell you about the responsibility and they told you about how cool it was to be a teenager but they didn't tell you how much it sucked too. Coraline hated being thirteen. Thirteen might have been just a number but it was a stupid number. She'd rather be old like Bill than spend one more minute being thirteen

"Stupid island," Coraline said kicking a rock, watching as it almost hit a Roman guy. Except it wasn't a Roman guy at all. It was Bill. Wearing a really, really stupid outfit. Coraline paused, looking at him curiously before she began to laugh loudly.

Nah, she'd definitely rather be thirteen than Bill. Bill looked stupid.
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Leading Trisha to the empty flat, Coraline pushed opened the stiff door and held Trisha's hand. Coraline didn't want to go down into the dark but she knew that was where the other mother would have put him and she needed to talk to him. She knew her other mother would have given him something to keep because she knew how much Cora hated the dark.

"I don't want to go down there," Coraline told Trisha. She was scared but they had to be brave. They still had three more souls to find, three more objects were hidden in the house and they had to find them so they could escape. "I don't but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do or are too scared to do. That's what being brave really means. Being scared and doing it anyway."

Coraline pulled on the trapdoor with all her might and slowly it came free and opened. The smell was worse than she remembered. It smelled of urine and stale wine and uncooked dough and death and decay. The smell alone made Coraline gag. And the darkness down there was overwhelming. Coraline pulled out the torch from her pocket and turned it on.

"I'll go first," Coraline said descending down the stairs slowly, turning the light around the room so she could try and find him in the darkness.

A voice groaned low in the dark. Eerie notes played from an out of tune piano as the voice stuttered along to the music.

"M-making up a song about Coraline. She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine. She's as cute as the button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline. When she comes around exploring mum and I will never make it boring, our eyes will be on Coraline."

Coraline turned the torch to the sound of the music and stared at the mishapen man before her.

"Hello Daddy," Coraline said simply at the gross figure before them. The dough like creature turned its head towards the sound and smiled at her. Even without his button eyes, the other father still terrified her.
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Coraline led Trisha to Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's door. Around the door were blue and red lightbulbs that flashed in and off spelling out words. A few of the bulbs were broken. It looked worse than the last time Coraline had visited. Coraline watched as ASTOUNDING! was followed by A THEATRICAL and then finally TRIUMPH!!! Shaking her head she gripped Trisha's hand tightly and led the girl down the stairs and through the door.

Stepping into a dark room that smelled of dust and velvet. The door swung beind the girls with an ominous thud. Walking cautiously forward Coraline reached out her hand and touched the soft cloth and stepped through. Behind the velvet curtains, was a poorly lit theatre. Coraline walked slowly forward and tried not to shiver as hundreds of pairs of small beady eyes followed them to the front row.

Sitting down with Trisha beside her, Coraline reached into her pocket and pulled out the seeing stone that was in her dressing gown pocket. Looking around the room Coraline shook her head. There was nothing there, no soul at all. Just the dogs and Trisha and herself.

"Nothing, I can't see anything." Coraline whispered to Trisha quietly as she was shushed by a black Scottie sat next to her.
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Coraline was having a rather strange dream. She was dreaming that she was home, fast asleep in her own bed. Turning in the thick blue and pink bedspread Coraline snuggled up to her strange octopus teddy and bolted upright. Looking around her room Coraline smiled happily and threw back her covers. Pushing her slippers on Coraline ran out of her room and down the steps. Coraline jumped from the last of the steps, landing on the old wooden flooring with a loud thump.

"Mum? Dadddy? I'm home!" Coraline called out. Stretching her arms above her head, Coraline stretched and yawned and turned in her rabbit slippers skipping towards the kitchen before she stopped suddenly.

"Coraline? Darling?" a woman called. Stood by the doorway to the kitchen, a little ahead of Coraline, was a tall woman with dark hair.

"Mum!" said Coraline, running forward eagerly. Throwing her arms around her mother Coraline hugged her mother happily. Long red fingernails brushed blonde hair back from her face and Coraline froze in her place as she felt the other mother's cold arms wrap around her. She stood, trembling and rigid as the other mother hugged her tightly.

"Where am I?" Coraline asked, trying to sound not as quite scared as she felt. Coraline pulled away from the other mother's strong grip and looked up at those cold button eyes.

"You're home silly." The other mother said simply. Her sharp red nails tapped Coraline on the nose. Her button eyes gleamed.

"No, I'm not. And I'm not scared of you." Coraline said. The other mother's button eyes gleamed in a challenge. She was taller than she remembered. And her skin was white and felt like paper. She scared Coraline but Coraline would never admit that. "Where are my friends? Where are my family?"

"Oh, around here somewhere." The other mother said dismissively, humming to herself as she walked to the kitchen. Her heels clicking on the wooden floor. "You're such a good daughter Coraline coming home to me, to us and bringing us a friend."

Coraline followed, freezing in place when she mentioned a friend. Coraline swallowed and looked at her scared.

"What friend?" Coraline said watching as the other mother cracked an egg into the pan. A bug fell from the shell into the pan and screamed as it was cooked in the hot iron.

"Oh, the most delicious little girl. Just like you, I put her in the woods. I think she might enjoy that," The other mother said with a smile. It was the smile that made Coraline's insides freeze.

"Trisha, where is she?" Coraline said moving forward to hit the woman but her hands were caught. The other mother took hold of Coraline's shoulders forcing her into a chair as she served her breakfast. A plate of fried bugs, foul smelling meat and what looked like rancid milk in a glass.

"Here I made you breakfast, eat it like a good daughter. You'll need your strength," The other mother said smiling at her. "That is if you want to find your family."

"I'm not hungry," Coraline said pushing the plate forward. The other mother's buttons flashed and she leaned in to kiss Coraline's cheek. Turning to whisper in her ear.

"Well, I am." The other mother said, grinning at Coraline and smoothing her hair. "But I'll give you a chance. If you can find four souls, your friends and your family then I'll let you and that little girl go. If not..."

"What?" Coraline said looking at her.

"I'll eat you both," The other mother said simply. "Do we have a deal?"

Coraline stared intently at the plate in front of her before nodding.

"Yes," Coraline said turning around to face... an empty room. Pushing her chair back Coraline hugged herself and slowly made her way out of the kitchen and down outside. Pausing only to pull wellington boots on over her pyjamas.
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Coraline sighed as if the whole entire world was on her shoulders. She was Grounded. G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D. One of the few words she could spell. She was allowed to go to school, eat her dinner at the compound, have a bath, do her homework and chores and that was it. Today she had a list of words to spell and learn.

Coraline stared at the list of words she had to learn the spelling and meaning of and frowned. The words were: Responsibility, Maturity, Consequence, Dangerous, Irresponsible, Justification, Anxiety, Worry, Heartache and Furious. Adam was as subtle as a very unsubtle thing. She hadn't even got to see Cain yet and tell him about her adventure. It wasn't fair.

"Re-spon-sib-ill-it-tee, Responsibility. A sense of trustworthiness, a social force or duty and the extent of our actions." Coraline said, reading the bits of definition she understood from the dictionary. Closing her eyes, Coraline tried to imagine the word and began to spell it outloud. "R-E-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-LL-I-T-Y. Responsibility."

Coraline frowned as she checked it. She hated spelling. She hated being Grounded. She wanted to go out and play.
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Coraline hadn't really expected to win Cain. She'd bid on him because he was her very important island person. The news that she had won him, though unexpected, had made her extremely happy. Not as happy as she was to win Bill but still very happy. She was going to make him play dress up, maybe have a tea party and line dance with her. Cain was probably going to hate her but she didn't mind because she was going to have lots of fun.

Pulling on the apron over the blue dress, Coraline tied the string in a nice neat bow. Coraline pulled her wellington boots off and put on the neat black shoes from home that her mother had bought her for school. Finishing her hair with a black ribbon, Coraline picked up her catbag and headed off towards the Compound where she had asked him to meet her.

Today was going to be Brilliant.
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Coraline dreamed a dream.

She was at the picnic, again, under the old oak tree, in a green meadow. She had, had this dream once before and it had been a good one. She had been greeted by the souls of the three children she had saved; the boy, the girl and the fairy girl. They'd eaten their different food together at the picnic, then played for what felt like hours before the children had given her a finaly warning and gone on to whatever lay beyond for dead children.

Coraline saw the white-linen cloth laid on the grass and ran towards it. Coraline was sat on one side of the tablecloth, waiting for the three children to join her. Coraline sat alone for what felt an awful long time, Coraline picked at the food and looked around her. Waiting. Had they forgotten her?

The wind rustled the leaves in the tree above her and Coraline looked up. The wind picked, sending the bowls and the food flying away from Coraline. Coraline chased after the bowl, the white cloth whipping into the air. Coraline chased them down the hill towards the stream. The cloth and food settled back onto the other side of the strem, rearranging themselves as the three children moved to take a seat.

"Hello Coraline, do you want to come and play with us?" The boy asked in a whispery voice. Coraline nodded and went to step on the bridge. Coraline looked up and took a step back. The children sat their staring at her hungrily, each with eager button eyes.

"I saved you, I got you out." Coraline said, taking another step back and into the cruel arms of the other mother. "I saved them!"

"Of course you didn't, you're just a child. You never got out of my clutches," The other mother told her, pulling Coraline's arm towards her.

"I did! Let me go!" Coraline said, trying to get away from her. She musn't cross the bridge, she musn't. The other mother hit her hard, sending her sprawling into the dirt.

"I don't like disobediant children Coraline." The other mother said and smiled bending down. "I'll just have to get rid of you."

She wrapped her claw like fingers around her neck and squeezed tightly.

Coraline woke, half choking on the key that had tangled and knotted around her neck tightly. Coraline pulled the necklace off and threw it across the room.
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Dale Cooper
Five star candidate.
Answered very well, even if the other mother had to be explained to him.
Child care and education, construction, security, health care and nutrition. Also open to the issue the FAIRGROUND Issue.
Worked as an officer of the Law. (Possibly as a cowboy but he doesn't have the hat.)

Marian (As in Maid Marian)
At least six stars. Four for her answer on Fairgrounds and a two star answer for her reply to the 'Blank Slate' Issue.
Much prettier than the fox although that shouldn't count towards votes. However singing foxes are pretty brilliant people to vote for.
Developing the Island. And stuff.
Very interested in the Fairground Issue.
Helped her father when he was Sheriff. And then helped the people. AKA Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. With Robin Hood.

Used a lot of big words. At least three stars for what he said about security even if I didn't understand it all.

Teyla receives five stars.
Seems very nice and very worthwhile. Very strong and pretty and her ideas are Heroic and Noble. She was also very logical and calm. A well rounded candidate, except she wasn't really round- she was human shape.
Building, Si-col-oh-gie, School, Weapons and Training.
Teyla raised some very good points about second chances. Although I don't think they'd work in every case.
Knows John of Fluffy hair, so has access to the Ferris Wheel. Interested in the Fairground Idea.
Helped against a threat on Atlantis and led her people.

Jill Langston

Works in Canada. Is not a Mountie.
Lab, Medical and Weather work.

The Doctor
TEN STARS. No, all the stars!

Chris Cutter
Chris built the playground. And is Canadian. Although still, not a Mountie.

School, Building, Law, Justice,
Worked as Leader of the Building Crew.
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Her room was empty. The bed unmade, a wooden horse resting next to her pillows and a film reel left beside it for another little girl. It looked like she had disappeared. However there were still things of Coraline's left; her wellington boots from home, her catbag filled with her school supplies, her clothes. It looked like she had disappeared at first glance but if you knew her, if you knew the little girl well enough then you would realise that she hadn't disappeared. She had been taken.

Alone in the dark, somewhere on the Island Coraline struggled to wake herself up. Curled up in the corner of the dark room, she wiped her eyes and tried to think of something happy.
She had counted the bricks on the left wall (82).
Things that were black or dark (Lots).
Dead children (None yet).

She had been right to be worried. The Other Mother had gotten her whilst she slept and now she was alone, alone in the dark with no way out. Imprisoned in walls of brick and glass.

Somewhere outside the door, lost amongst the dense grass- a key glistened.
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Coraline turned restlessly in her sleep.

She dreamt of a well. Coraline stood at the edge, holding her breath as she looked into the darkness. Something moved within the well and stared at her hungrily. Coraline fell back, running to the house surrounded in mist. Tiny red eyes followed her.

Coraline kicked the sheets off. Her hand let go of the wooden horse she had been holding.

Coraline ran towards the house and up the stairs. “Mum! Dad! Let me in!” Coraline called out, her fists pounding on her front door. Something was coming out of the well. “Please, please let me in!”

“Who’s at the door?” Her father’s voice called out from inside the house.

“Dad, please it’s me. It’s Coraline,” Coraline called out, looking behind her frantically. Long red nails clung to the edge of the well.

“Oh, it’s just some girl,” Her mother replied from behind the door. “Shall I let her in?”

“Please, please she’s coming.” Coraline said, trying to push the door open.

“No dear, we’re too busy remember. Far too busy to be dealing with a girl,” Her father replied as her mother locked the door firmly.

“No, no, please!” Coraline said, turning around and stared into the cold, hungry button eyes of the other mother.

Coraline woke screaming. But she wasn’t in her bed. She was alone in the darkness. She put out her hands to touch the space in which she had found herself in. It was the size of a broom cupboard: tall enough to stand in or to sit in, not wide or deep enough to lie down in. One wall was glass, and it felt cold to the touch.

She was in the mirror room.

Somewhere inside her Coraline could feel a sob welling up. This time she didn’t let it go, this time she couldn’t be brave. Inside the cold, dark mirror room Coraline screamed.


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