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Coraline ran, feet carrying her as fast as she could to Danny. He was going to die, he was going to die and she couldn't save him. She loved him, he was her friend and he was going to die. Just like Adam. Just like Sarah. Just like everyone she loved. He was going to leave and then he was going to die and she couldn't do anything. She couldn't change his fate no matter how hard she tried.

And Percy was just going to let it happen. Percy was going to let him die. Percy was going to help. Percy her friend, Percy her best friend and the hero she could always count on. And he was wrong. He was so wrong. The world was wrong. Black was white and white was black and everything was grey. And Coraline didn't know what to do. She just wanted her daddy.

"Danny!" Coraline half yelled, half sobbed as she caught sight of his and Steve's hut. Coraline choked back her tears, gasping for breath as she cried and cried hard. "Danny?"
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Coraline awoke in a strange, unfamiliar room. This had happened before to her but the bed hadn't been this uncomfortable and the ceiling hadn't been boring coloured and the floor hadn't been neat or tidy but filled with all the things a ten year old girl would want. Coraline blinked tiredly looking around and rubbing the sleep and tears from her eyes. Swinging her legs around Coraline wrapped her arms around her legs as she just sat there for a while and listened.

Someone was moving, shuffling and stomping about, someone happy. She could smell... food cooking. She could hear the clatter and the noise outside sounded like home. Coraline wiped her eyes, brushing tears away as she got up slowly to her feet and cautiously made her way towards the noise and the smell. Her stomach growled hungrily at her as she wandered towards them- him.

"Daddy?" Coraline asked quietly before correcting herself. Danny not daddy. His back was turned to her and Coraline grabbed the key around her neck and prayed he didn't have button eyes. Prayed that he was really her Danny and not the Other Danny. There was a knife, she could get it if she needed to but she didn't want to. She didn't want to have to hurt him too. "Danny?"
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There were thirteen dusty shelves. There were four broken/chewed pieces of furniture. And there was one hole in the roof. Coraline stared up at the hole wondering how it got there and how she was supposed to fix it. It wasn't that big but it was definitely a hole, a leaky hole and if there was one there might be more. Coraline sighed, running a hand through her hair as she wandered back outside her old hut.

Being a grown up or trying to be a grown up was hard. No one told you about things like hut maintenance or how to keep animals out of your home. They just sort of knew. And Coraline didn't know and had left her home and now she had a hut she couldn't move back into. Not right now anyway and Coraline really, really wanted to go home.

Sitting by her door Coraline pulled out a book out of her book and began to look over 'DIY for Dummies'. Coraline frowned as she began to read and read and it was just awful. There were words in there that she just didn't even understand let alone know how to spell. Coraline sighed, getting up before smiling as she spotted someone she knew.

"Hi Danny!" Coraline said bounding over with a big, hopeful smile. "Do you know how to fix a roof?"


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