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Coraline Carter had once woken up in an alien place. Instead of waking up in her warm bed and clutching Jeremiah the toy horse, Coraline had woken in a cold, damp enclosed room- a prison. She had spent such a long time in there, she had clawed at the walls and cried until finally her daddies came and found her. That had been the worst day on her time on the island, much worse than the time when she had woken as a boy.

Coraline learned from her experiences. She learned not to blindly run in temples when the floor could give way, she learned not to trust creepy mothers who wanted to give you everything and she learned that when you go to bed, you prepare just in case you find yourself in the bad place again. So, she wasn't in the bad place this time but she certainly wasn't in her bed and she was greatful for the wellington boots she wore to bed because the ground would have been cold and damp and hard against bare feet.

"Hello?" Coraline called out, wiping her eyes tiredly as she stretched and yawned. This wasn't her hut and she couldn't see Adam anywhere. He was going to be very angry with her when he found her bed empty again. "Hello? Adam? Is anyone there?"

Coraline walked through the bushes before pausing as she heard a rather loud roar. That sounded like a dinosaur. That sounded like a dinosaur! Oh, wow. She was in dino territory. Oh, bugger Adam was going to kill her. Well, if he was going to kill her anyway at least she could go and have a proper look at the dinosaurs.

"Hello? Mister dinosaur? I won't hurt you," Coraline said as she wandered off towards unknown dangers.


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