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Coraline knew what she had to do. Coraline hid him out of sight and threw the key at the creature in front of her. Its head snapped up away from the little boy, button eyes narrowing at Coraline and long red claws curling into her palms. She smiled at Coraline, blood and gore covered her dress, as she stepped forward and away from Sawyer towards her. Coraline stepped back, she had to get her away from him. She wouldn't let her hurt anymore kids.

"Come on, what are you scared of? Me? I'm just a thing, a kid and you're scared of me! You're pathetic!" Coraline shouted at her. The buttons flashed and then she was moving, her body elongating and twisting into the monster she truly was. She was scared, she was terrified of her but she had to be brave. She had to save him. The Sawyer Other Mother creature moved quicker than Coraline remembered, her claws reaching out to grab her and Coraline let out a shriek, stumbling backwards onto a hallway floor that hadn't been there a moment ago.

Looking behind her confused, Coraline stared at the long hallway for a moment before remembering she needed to run. Scrambling backwards, Coraline rolled back and up onto her feet in one fluid motion and it was only then that she saw or rather didn't see. The Other Mother was gone, the boy was gone, the room was gone and only a long hallway remained in both directions. A long hallway with no windows, no doors and eerie flickering lights.

"I don't understand," Coraline said quietly, turning around on the spot as she tried to figure out what was going on. The place was silent except for the ticking that echoed down the corridor. Coraline felt an unease spread through her body at the noise. This place was wrong and she had to get the Other Mother and then she had to getout. Coraline ran down the corridor screaming. "Where are you? Come on! Come out and face me you coward!"


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