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There was one puppy, sprawled out on the floor kicking his feet back and forth as he dreamed of puppy dreams. There was one haughty, black cat running around and through a set of long legs. And there was one teenage girl, smiling happily at the woman who owned the legs. Some things changed as Coraline got older but one thing that would never change was how much she loved having tea with Helen every week.

"Cat get out from underneath Miss Helen's feet," Coraline said, rolling her eyes at her cats behaviour. Cat was only very friendly with certain people, Coraline being one of them and Helen being one of the others. "Hi Miss Helen, ignore Cat. He's being silly today. And very affectionate. Don't let him sit on your lap, he sheds everywhere."

Coraline straightened her dress, brushing it down smartly as she brought over the pot of tea.
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Coraline counted the scones (8). Four had mysteriously gone missing. Stupid Jacob Black. First ruining her card and now stealing her scones. Or it could have been Cat. Or the pair of them, Coraline was convinced those two were in cahoots.

Then Coraline counted the cups and saucers (2). One for her and one for Miss Helen. Coraline had wanted to invite Mister Will too but well, Coraline didn't want to talk to Will. Will wouldn't understand. Will was a boy. Miss Helen wasn't. Miss Helen was clever and smart and British! Coraline was sure she'd know what to do.

And then Coraline counted all the confused little girls in the Homestead Kitchen (1). Coraline was so confused how to feel and what to do. She wondered if this was how grown ups felt all the time or if this was something just made especially for her. Coraline was angry and hurt and worried and confused. Coraline didn't know who to believe. She wanted to believe Percy but she didn't want to believe that of Luke. And Luke was... was... confusing.

Coraline sighed, shooing Cat away as he jumped up on the table to sniff around the remaining scones. Coraline picked up her haughty black cat and dumped him on the floor as she waited for Helen to show for their afternoon tea. Coraline was sure Miss Helen would know what to do.


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