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There was one long stretch of deserted beach. There was one boat. There was one teenage girl wiping her eyes as she tried not to cry. Coraline didn't understand it, at all. She'd asked Hiccup out, she had done everything that people had told her to do and he'd said yes but when she'd kissed him, when she'd kissed him he'd just stood there frozen in place looking at her like that. Like she was nothing. Like she wasn't anything to him at all.

Coraline didn't understand. She didn't know what she'd done. If he didn't like her then she didn't know why he'd said yes, if he didn't like her then why did he bother spending time with her or smiling at her like that or anything. She thought he liked her- really, really liked her but he didn't. No one did. They all wanted to be her friend but no one wanted to love her. Maybe the Other Mother was right, maybe she really was the only one who could love her.

Coraline brushed her eyes, pulling her knees to her chest. She'd run, she'd run away and she wasn't going to go back ever. No one wanted her, no one loved her so she was just going to live on her own and eat fish forever and ever and ever. She'd be on her own, she'd be happy on her own. And then no boy would ever make her cry again. No boy would ever make her feel like... this.


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