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Her room was empty. The bed unmade, a wooden horse resting next to her pillows and a film reel left beside it for another little girl. It looked like she had disappeared. However there were still things of Coraline's left; her wellington boots from home, her catbag filled with her school supplies, her clothes. It looked like she had disappeared at first glance but if you knew her, if you knew the little girl well enough then you would realise that she hadn't disappeared. She had been taken.

Alone in the dark, somewhere on the Island Coraline struggled to wake herself up. Curled up in the corner of the dark room, she wiped her eyes and tried to think of something happy.
She had counted the bricks on the left wall (82).
Things that were black or dark (Lots).
Dead children (None yet).

She had been right to be worried. The Other Mother had gotten her whilst she slept and now she was alone, alone in the dark with no way out. Imprisoned in walls of brick and glass.

Somewhere outside the door, lost amongst the dense grass- a key glistened.
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Coraline turned restlessly in her sleep.

She dreamt of a well. Coraline stood at the edge, holding her breath as she looked into the darkness. Something moved within the well and stared at her hungrily. Coraline fell back, running to the house surrounded in mist. Tiny red eyes followed her.

Coraline kicked the sheets off. Her hand let go of the wooden horse she had been holding.

Coraline ran towards the house and up the stairs. “Mum! Dad! Let me in!” Coraline called out, her fists pounding on her front door. Something was coming out of the well. “Please, please let me in!”

“Who’s at the door?” Her father’s voice called out from inside the house.

“Dad, please it’s me. It’s Coraline,” Coraline called out, looking behind her frantically. Long red nails clung to the edge of the well.

“Oh, it’s just some girl,” Her mother replied from behind the door. “Shall I let her in?”

“Please, please she’s coming.” Coraline said, trying to push the door open.

“No dear, we’re too busy remember. Far too busy to be dealing with a girl,” Her father replied as her mother locked the door firmly.

“No, no, please!” Coraline said, turning around and stared into the cold, hungry button eyes of the other mother.

Coraline woke screaming. But she wasn’t in her bed. She was alone in the darkness. She put out her hands to touch the space in which she had found herself in. It was the size of a broom cupboard: tall enough to stand in or to sit in, not wide or deep enough to lie down in. One wall was glass, and it felt cold to the touch.

She was in the mirror room.

Somewhere inside her Coraline could feel a sob welling up. This time she didn’t let it go, this time she couldn’t be brave. Inside the cold, dark mirror room Coraline screamed.


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