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Coraline had discovered six new flowers she'd never seen, a variety of different birds and she hadn't seen a soul for ages. She was truly free to explore wherever and however she wanted. She'd never really expected freedom to be so lonely though. She quite missed Adam, she even missed Lucy though she was still determined never to talk to her again.

Walking across the long strip of isolated beach, she stopped for lunch. Dropping her backpack onto the ground, Coraline took out the sunblock and began to smear it on her face. Adjusting her hat, she took out her lunch and began to nibble at it. Coraline stared out at the sea and smiled happily in the sun.

It was then that she heard the noise. A strange growling noise behind her, following by the trees and bushes moving as something came near. There was something in the jungle behind her.

"Who's there?" Coraline said, taking the knife she'd pilfered from the kitchen out. "Come out and show yourself!"

The rustling stopped for a moment before rustling again much more furiously as something bounded out of the jungle. Coraline breathed out with relief.

"Bonspiel! Bonnie, what are you doing here?" Coraline said, bending down to fuss the dog. Scratching behind her ears, Coraline pulled the cocker spaniel onto her lap and giggled as she licked her face. "Did Joe send you or did you come on your own? Because you know I can look after myself."

Coraline looked at the small dog sternly before giving up with a smile. "Oh, alright but only because I daren't think what might happen to you if I send you home."

It looked like she had company on her little adventure afterall.


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