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Coraline didn't have many girl friends. She had Claire and she had O-Ren but mostly she didn't have girly type friends or friends she wanted to ask about clothes and boys because well, all her friends were boys and boys who had no idea about clothes like Jake (who wore none) or Sam (who was silly). But Coraline had made new friends, new female friends that she could ask about those things and who she respected people like Bella and Kate.

Coraline liked Bella and it wasn't just because she could cook and it wasn't just because she was Jake's best friend, she was genuinely a nice girl and Coraline? Coraline wanted to protect her from creepy, stalking vampires and from falling over which she kind of did a lot. And Kate, Kate was just plain cool and wasn't the type to let any vampire stop her from doing exactly what she wanted to do. In other words the two were perfect friends for each other and Coraline had an idea exactly how to to get them to meet.

Leaving notes for Bella and Kate to help her with her hair and ask for advice, Coraline smiled and waited for the pair at the compound where Coraline could get her hair dyed blue and matchmake friends at the same time. It was a perfect plan and Sam wasn't involved so nothing could go wrong!



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