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Coraline was thirteen years old, she was independent and brave and smart but right now, right now Coraline didn't feel like any of those things. Coraline felt rather small actually, small and weak and hurt and what she really wanted right now was her daddy and her mum. Or rather what she wanted was Adam and Sarah. Everywhere hurt from her head to her toes. Her head hurt the worst thought, it made everything hard to focus and she'd been sick earlier. She didn't like being sick.

And the worst thing was Coraline knew that Adam was going to yell at her. Or worse he was going to be disappointed in her. She hadn't meant to get hurt, she hadn't even seen the monster but it had been there and it had hurt her. It had hurt her friends. And now Adam was going to be cross with her. She wasn't sure what was worse; being hurt, knowing Adam was going to be cross or being unable to help her friends because she was weak. Weak and tired and hurt.

Coraline winced at the bright light in the clinic and slowly lifted a scraped and bruised arm to cover her eyes and protect them from the light. It hurt, everything hurt.


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