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Leading Trisha to the empty flat, Coraline pushed opened the stiff door and held Trisha's hand. Coraline didn't want to go down into the dark but she knew that was where the other mother would have put him and she needed to talk to him. She knew her other mother would have given him something to keep because she knew how much Cora hated the dark.

"I don't want to go down there," Coraline told Trisha. She was scared but they had to be brave. They still had three more souls to find, three more objects were hidden in the house and they had to find them so they could escape. "I don't but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do or are too scared to do. That's what being brave really means. Being scared and doing it anyway."

Coraline pulled on the trapdoor with all her might and slowly it came free and opened. The smell was worse than she remembered. It smelled of urine and stale wine and uncooked dough and death and decay. The smell alone made Coraline gag. And the darkness down there was overwhelming. Coraline pulled out the torch from her pocket and turned it on.

"I'll go first," Coraline said descending down the stairs slowly, turning the light around the room so she could try and find him in the darkness.

A voice groaned low in the dark. Eerie notes played from an out of tune piano as the voice stuttered along to the music.

"M-making up a song about Coraline. She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a pal of mine. She's as cute as the button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on Coraline. When she comes around exploring mum and I will never make it boring, our eyes will be on Coraline."

Coraline turned the torch to the sound of the music and stared at the mishapen man before her.

"Hello Daddy," Coraline said simply at the gross figure before them. The dough like creature turned its head towards the sound and smiled at her. Even without his button eyes, the other father still terrified her.
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Coraline led Trisha to Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's door. Around the door were blue and red lightbulbs that flashed in and off spelling out words. A few of the bulbs were broken. It looked worse than the last time Coraline had visited. Coraline watched as ASTOUNDING! was followed by A THEATRICAL and then finally TRIUMPH!!! Shaking her head she gripped Trisha's hand tightly and led the girl down the stairs and through the door.

Stepping into a dark room that smelled of dust and velvet. The door swung beind the girls with an ominous thud. Walking cautiously forward Coraline reached out her hand and touched the soft cloth and stepped through. Behind the velvet curtains, was a poorly lit theatre. Coraline walked slowly forward and tried not to shiver as hundreds of pairs of small beady eyes followed them to the front row.

Sitting down with Trisha beside her, Coraline reached into her pocket and pulled out the seeing stone that was in her dressing gown pocket. Looking around the room Coraline shook her head. There was nothing there, no soul at all. Just the dogs and Trisha and herself.

"Nothing, I can't see anything." Coraline whispered to Trisha quietly as she was shushed by a black Scottie sat next to her.


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