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"You're just a thing she made and then threw away." - Coraline

Leave things Here for Coraline to throw away.
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Track list:
We built this city
Highway to Hell
Don’t fear the reaper
Sugar, we’re going down.
Carry on wayward soon.

There were fourteen different tour dates, in fourteen different cities marked off on a map. They had driven- or been driven- through at least two states in the last forty eight hours. There were eight people squashed into one tiny tour bus, and she had a room all to herself.

“This is patently unfair,” a muffled voice murmured somewhere from somewhere between her thighs.

“Excuse me?” Coraline asked, watching as another card was laid down on the table. Looking at Bumblebee’s impassive face, Coraline hummed and added another chip to the pile. “What’s patently unfair?”

“You- you with your getting a whole room, when no one else does. I sleep with your legs round my ears, I mean my legs round my ears. And you- you get to sprawl out in your big room.”

“Well, yeah because I’m a girl Sam. Also, it’s hardly huge. I barely fit in it. And what are you complaining about, it’s not like you don’t sleep with me almost every other night.” Coraline replied, pressing her lips together and narrowing her eyes at Bumblebee. Who was apparently in his whistling, eye waggling mood tonight. She was also pretty sure he was kicking Sam beneath the table. “Are you done yet? Or are you going to stay down there all night?”

Sam came up for air with a low moan before collapsing in the seat beside Coraline. Pressing the nail polish down on the table, Coraline smiled at his sweaty, red face.

“Done, toenails all polished. There, is this stupid bet settled now?”

Lifting her toes up, she wiggled them and nodded her head. Sam should really know better than to bet against her, she always won.
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Kicking her legs back and forth, Coraline yawned and scratched her nose as she read her genetics textbook. Rolling over onto her back, she stretched her arms and legs out before sighing noisily. Hearing the familiar sound of her boyfriend wandering about, Coraline tilted her head back and stared up at him from where she was lying on the bed.

"Hey, I didn't think you were coming over today." Coraline said, blinking as she stared up at him. Brow furrowing she stared at the stuff he had and how nice he looked. "Why are you dressed up so nice?"
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There were four people she could talk to about this. She could talk to her boyfriend, who to be fair was the cause of her problem. Sweet and kind, a little dorky but a really nice, normal guy. And he'd probably get completely embarrassed and die of shame by her talking about their... problem. Yeah, that wasn't happening.

So, that left three people. All three were her mates and all three posed unique and different problems by bringing up her problem. She could talk to Josh and get a look of despondent despair and embarrassment before he noped out of the conversation. No, that wasn't likely. She could talk to Sally, who was a ghost which seemed a little insensitive. Seeing as Sally didn't have any bodily functions unless she possessed people and that was a slippery slope down to bad places. No, she couldn't ask Sally. Which left one person; Aidan.

"Yeah, I'm doing this." Coraline muttered to herself as she knocked on the door to their house. Leaning against the wall, she reconsidered her choices before shaking her head. She'd timed it perfectly, Aidan would be the only one in the house and she could ask him and it would be fine. He was her friend, right? This was what friends did. They... talked about sex together. Or at least they did in Sex and the City world. So, it'd be fine. No awkwardness at all. "Hey! I thought I'd come and keep you company."

Coraline smiled up at Aidan. Yeah, this was going to go so well. She could feel it in her bones.
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Her hair is wet, damp mostly and twisted and probably tangled at the back. Her feet were bare, dangling from the edge of the bed. Her bandage was covered by the baggy t-shirt but even then she looked worn, tired. There were pools of- it was horrible. She couldn't- she could still smell it. She wanted another shower, she wanted to go home, she wanted Percy.

Head hung low, she pressed her hands to the bed and pushed. And quit pushing. Wincing, she pressed her hand against her side and looked up.

"Hey," Coraline said softly. One of these days she might stop getting into trouble, today wasn't that day.
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Sitting alone in her room, Coraline leaned against her headboard and tugged at the hem of her t-shirt. Picking a hole in the end of it, she tore a finger straight through before sighing. Leaning back, she stared at the ceiling for one moment then two before she slipped out of bed and tugged her shoes on. Creeping down the quiet halls, she glanced back at her empty door hesitating for a moment before she walked away into the night.

She didn't know where she was headed until she was there at his home, at his hut and at his window. She pressed her fingertips against the window edge, hesitating before pushed up and climbed up onto the window before swinging her legs around and through. Leaning forward she looked at him and parted her lips as if to say something. She didn't know what to say, she didn't want to go either.

"Can I stay here?" Coraline asked, looking at Percy curiously.
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There was one excitable puppy running around the Homestead in its newly changed state. There was one haughty black cat, licking the face of it's human and purring contently before settling on her pillow close to her in a black bundle of fur. And there was one teenage girl sleeping in her bedroom as if nothing had happened. She looked... terrible. Pale and sunken, a little hollowed out. More than a little worse for wear but she wouldn't stay at the clinic, she had wanted to go home.

She stirred, making a face before rolling over. One eye opening to stare at Cat before reaching across to tap her nose against his cold wet one. Smiling tiredly she wriggled her fingers free before scratching the top of his head. Coraline smiled as he miaowed loudly at her and at the room in general as if to make sure everyone knew she was awake.

"Missed you too WussPuss," Coraline said, sitting up before tugging Cat into her arms and hugging him. Padding out into the hall, she smiled at the strange new Homestead and everything that had changed. She had been gone, now she was home again. The island had been here now it was somewhere else. "Hello? Is anyone home?"
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There had been a newly forged path, leading away from civilisation. There had been a grumpy, grizzly boar minding it's own business. There had been a beautiful, smooth Artefact lurking innocently in the jungle. And there had been a teenage girl not minding hers, poking things she shouldn't have poked. That was how it began but not how it ended. At least Coraline hoped that was not how it ended.

She was hungry, she was thirsty. She hadn't died, that much was clear but she was starting to fade not in appearance but in energy. She couldn't touch anything which meant she couldn't eat anything or drink anything either. She was tired, really tired and she just wanted to go home. She didn't care if that made her sound childish because she was afraid, she was scared and she didn't know how much longer she could last like this. She didn't think very much longer.

She licked her lips, sitting on the floor in the corner. Maybe they could fix this, maybe they couldn't. She didn't know. All she knew was...

"Can you- if this doesn't work can you tell everyone that I loved being here?" Coraline asked, feeling more like a child than she had in years. "I just- I don't want them thinking that I didn't."
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There were several well trekked paths and one newly forged one, leading away from most of the huts created by human feet. And another created by smaller feet. There was one bunch of flowers, fourteen individual red and yellow flowers picked and left on a rock which was not particularly interesting. There was one noisy small blonde human. And then there was the boar minding its own business until something strange happened.

A pulse of bright white light came out of the jungle startling it, screeching the boar ran angrily towards the source. Crashing into something metallic, the boar grunted and gruffed at it turning as it shuffled in the dirt. The metallic thing was broken into pieces, snuffling at it the boar mouthed at pieces before swallowing a couple of smaller pieces. Making an unpleased noise it tried to cough, trampling the artefact and kicking pieces of it further away. Stumbling forward it dragged some pieces alongside with it as it carried on its grumpy journey.

The boar didn't know what it had done. And it wouldn't for long. Boars didn't tend to last very long on the island. Not with so many hungry mouths to feed.

And the small blonde human? She'd disappeared without trace.
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There were several well trekked paths and one newly forged one, leading away from most of the huts. There was one bunch of flowers, fourteen individual red and yellow flowers picked and left on a rock. There was a boar, grizzly and grumpy, snuffling and grunting and generally minding its own business some distance away. And there was one teenage girl exploring. In other words on Tabula Rasa, it was just another day ending in y for Coraline Jones.

Coraline was an experienced explorer and adventurer. She knew the rules of dealing with aliens or mysterious new people, she knew how to escape from simple knots and how not to get captured, she was very good at sneaking (as Percy Jackson could attest to) and she knew not to touch mysterious objects. Mysterious objects were a dangerous thing in books and on television, they did stuff when discovered but it appeared that this object didn't know that.

It hadn't done anything!

"Ugh, do something. Come on," Coraline said, from her place in front of it. Coraline peaked around the smooth edges, looking at the metal and wondering what on Island it was. It didn't seem to be doing anything and from what she could see no one had been up this way for a while except her. Maybe it was an island thing but she didn't recognise it from home. Leaning forward Coraline touched the smooth metal, holding her breath for a second as she realised that was probably Not A Very Good Idea. It was a mysterious object! They did-


Nothing happened.

"Oh, well that was anti-climatic." Coraline said letting out a long breath as her fingertips slid along the outside and something clicked. Looking at it curiously, Coraline moved away watching pieces of it move and click into place. Taking out her notebook Coraline scribbled a note. "Huh, cool. One mysterious object, item, artefact? Artefact sounds cool. One mysterious artefact doing stuff."

Coraline grinned, grabbing her bag when something made her freeze in place. A low level humming noise that began to build and grow.

"Uh... that doesn't sound good." Coraline said hesitantly as the thing began to hum quite audibly. Things that hummed like that were never usually a good sign. Well, at least it wasn't glowing or anything. If it was humming and glowing then she'd probably be in trouble. The artefact began to glow, pulsating light driving up from the base to the tip of it. "Oh bothe-"

The light hit the top bursting out in a radiating pulse and washing over a wide eyed, startled Coraline who simply disappeared.

They'd always warned her; curiosity killed the cat.
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There was one excitable puppy running towards a young man, bouncing and yipping at his heels. There was one haughty black cat, slinking through the open door to the Homestead and miaowing a soft warning at his human. And there was one teenage girl, her face covered in fading bruises and scratches lying beneath a set of blankets and dozing softly. She dreamt of dark girls and darker deaths and terrible things and it was only Cat, leaping onto her, that woke her up and startled her.

"What? Oh, what are you doing hey fusspuss? See, I'm okay you need to stop worrying silly Cat. Were you worrying?" Coraline asked curiously, tickling Cat beneath his chin and wrapping her arms loosely around him before hugging him. Listening to his soft miaow, Coraline looked up at the warning and listened out for the excitable bark of Bobo. Staring at the door curiously, Coraline waved at the familiar sight of Percy and made a face at him. "What are you doing here?"
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There was something strange about a boy's bedroom. There was of course the smell* but more than that, the very atmosphere seemed to ooze Boy. And Johnny's room was no exception. Sprawled out across his bed, Coraline turned the page of the comic and rolled over so her head dangled precariously off one edge and her legs off the other. Sighing, Coraline kicked off her wellies with one foot and then wriggled about trying to make herself as comfortable as possible as she waited for Johnny to show up.

Because the thing about having a boyfriend, a boyfriend like Johnny that is, was to make things as unexpected as possible. Mostly because peril made him act very, terribly attractive but also because it was fun. So, she had planned to go on an adventure into dino territory with him to distract herself and also because fun but Johnny seemed to have a sixth sense about these things and always managed to make himself scarce. But he couldn't make himself scarce from his own bedroom, Coraline was very sure of that. So, she was waiting for him.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Coraline was waiting and bored. A deadly combination. She had already counted all the socks, found the pile of comics and read most of the very cool ones and she had written Johnny a love poem before tearing it up into tiny, tiny pieces so that he never read it*. And now she was waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And- oh, door.

"Hullo, did you know you have thirty three pairs of mismatched socks? Can you call them a pair if they're mismatched? Well, sixty six. I think some of them might be mine. I think you might have a sock monster, it's probably lurking under the bed." Coraline said, turning the page of the comic before looking up at Johnny with a smile. "Did you want to go on an adventure?"

*A lingering sort of smell that seemed to appear in any Teenage Boy's bedroom after a day of them inhabiting it. Even if the boy was clean and hygienic the smell still sort of appeared, a smell that indicated Boy and Teenage without actually having a discernible cause.

**Because not very many things rhyme with Johnny. And it was also very embarassing.
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Teenage Dream
1. We Are Golden (Mika)
2. We Are Young feat. Janelle Monáe (Fun)
3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Miley Cyrus)
4. Scream (High School Musical 3)
5. Shake It Out (Florence and The Machine)

Love Songs
6. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)
7. Drive (Train)
8. Potential Breakup Song (Aly & A.J.)
9. See You Again Rock Mafia Remix (Miley Cyrus)

The Mirror Room
10. Safe & Sound (Taylor Swift)
11. O Children (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
12. Running Up That Hill (Placebo)
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There were fourteen patients; three in critical condition, nine stable and two ready to be discharged. There were ten bunches of flowers; four mixed rose bouquets, one tulip bouquet, three lily bouquets and two wild flower bouquets. There were four nurses on shift, one orderly and a tea lady named April who did in fact know how to make a proper cup of tea and of course there were the Other Doctors who Coraline mostly seemed to ignore especially the handsy one. Some of the Other Doctors were idiots, the nursing staff on the other hand were quite good and April, April was a saint. Especially when she bought her a cup of tea in the middle of an eighteen hour shift.

"Hello Miss Spink," Coraline asked, brushing her hand on the shoulder of one of the new nurses before leaning across the desk to take the mug from her. Taking a mouthful Coraline let out a low happy moan, her hand tightened on the shoulder before she let go and smiledbrightly at the tea lady. "Miss Spink you are a lifesaver. How's your knee?"

"Oh, you know can't complain. It's Miriam's hip that are the problem, when we used to tread the boards we never had any troubles but now everything aches and creaks." Coraline smiled, turning before hopping up onto the desk swinging her long legs back and forth as she drank the tea. Looking down startled at the handsome man staring up at her, Coraline flushed as he stared intently at her. No one really looked at her like that before not like they wanted to... um, eat her. It was kind of creepy and a little bit hot. "Here Aidan dear, I made you a nice cup of coffee."

Coraline swallowed her tea as he reached over to take the coffee, his intense stare lightening as he smiled at Miss Spink.

"Have you met Aidan yet Caroline? Aidan is one of our nurses, he's taking over some of Rebecca's shifts. Aidan this is Doctor Jones."

"It's Coraline actually, Coraline Jones. Hello," Coraline said offering her hand.
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Coraline was completely unimpressed with Luke. Coraline wasn't completely naive, she knew that people had sex but all the people she knew that had sex were in relationships. Loving, happy relationships. Everyone told Coraline that if she wanted to have sex that she had to love that person very much and be very old and stuff. But Luke was using it like a- like a handshake. And that was wrong, Aphrodite was a Lady. She was a Goddess! And she had to be treated right! So Coraline was going to make sure Luke treated her right even if it meant he never, ever talked to her again.

"Aphrodite? Um, Miss Aphrodite?" Coraline called out scrunching her face up before knocking on her door. Coraline covered her ears just in case Luke was there before dropping them away. "Um, hello? Aphrodite? I'm here to talk to you. If you don't mind."
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There were four brightly coloured birds sat peacefully in a nest opposite from the tree she sat in. There was one sleepy puppy, named Bobo, lying at the bottom of the tree. And there was one half naked man wandering around.

"Oh, really." Coraline said sighing, as she looked down at the man. Coraline rolled her eyes blowing her hair out of her eyes. Coraline really thought this was getting ridiculous. It was like there was an island wide shortage of shirts and only the men were the ones involved in the shortage. Which of course meant Coraline in turn was involved, mostly by the eye rolling and blushing and feelings. Feelings she was promptly going to ignore and of course, make the offending parties problem. "Why does no one wear any clothes? I mean, it's not like the clothes box doesn't give away free clothes all the time."

Coraline huffed before looking at the man with a gun. Coraline wondered if it was contagious, the lack of a shirt, really it was getting silly. Next, it would be Danny walking around shirtless or even worse... Sam. Gross.

"Do you need to borrow a shirt?" Coraline said swinging her legs down over the edge of the branch of the tree. Coraline reached for her bag, rummaging through it before bringing out her emergency supplies. Pulling out the shirts, Coraline held them up. "I have a hideous hawaiian pattern and a white one."
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There was one puppy, sprawled out on the floor kicking his feet back and forth as he dreamed of puppy dreams. There was one haughty, black cat running around and through a set of long legs. And there was one teenage girl, smiling happily at the woman who owned the legs. Some things changed as Coraline got older but one thing that would never change was how much she loved having tea with Helen every week.

"Cat get out from underneath Miss Helen's feet," Coraline said, rolling her eyes at her cats behaviour. Cat was only very friendly with certain people, Coraline being one of them and Helen being one of the others. "Hi Miss Helen, ignore Cat. He's being silly today. And very affectionate. Don't let him sit on your lap, he sheds everywhere."

Coraline straightened her dress, brushing it down smartly as she brought over the pot of tea.


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