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Coraline Jones ([personal profile] curiously_cora) wrote2012-02-15 06:02 pm
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There was one puppy, sprawled out on the floor kicking his feet back and forth as he dreamed of puppy dreams. There was one haughty, black cat running around and through a set of long legs. And there was one teenage girl, smiling happily at the woman who owned the legs. Some things changed as Coraline got older but one thing that would never change was how much she loved having tea with Helen every week.

"Cat get out from underneath Miss Helen's feet," Coraline said, rolling her eyes at her cats behaviour. Cat was only very friendly with certain people, Coraline being one of them and Helen being one of the others. "Hi Miss Helen, ignore Cat. He's being silly today. And very affectionate. Don't let him sit on your lap, he sheds everywhere."

Coraline straightened her dress, brushing it down smartly as she brought over the pot of tea.

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