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There was something strange about a boy's bedroom. There was of course the smell* but more than that, the very atmosphere seemed to ooze Boy. And Johnny's room was no exception. Sprawled out across his bed, Coraline turned the page of the comic and rolled over so her head dangled precariously off one edge and her legs off the other. Sighing, Coraline kicked off her wellies with one foot and then wriggled about trying to make herself as comfortable as possible as she waited for Johnny to show up.

Because the thing about having a boyfriend, a boyfriend like Johnny that is, was to make things as unexpected as possible. Mostly because peril made him act very, terribly attractive but also because it was fun. So, she had planned to go on an adventure into dino territory with him to distract herself and also because fun but Johnny seemed to have a sixth sense about these things and always managed to make himself scarce. But he couldn't make himself scarce from his own bedroom, Coraline was very sure of that. So, she was waiting for him.

And waiting.

And waiting.

Coraline was waiting and bored. A deadly combination. She had already counted all the socks, found the pile of comics and read most of the very cool ones and she had written Johnny a love poem before tearing it up into tiny, tiny pieces so that he never read it*. And now she was waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And- oh, door.

"Hullo, did you know you have thirty three pairs of mismatched socks? Can you call them a pair if they're mismatched? Well, sixty six. I think some of them might be mine. I think you might have a sock monster, it's probably lurking under the bed." Coraline said, turning the page of the comic before looking up at Johnny with a smile. "Did you want to go on an adventure?"

*A lingering sort of smell that seemed to appear in any Teenage Boy's bedroom after a day of them inhabiting it. Even if the boy was clean and hygienic the smell still sort of appeared, a smell that indicated Boy and Teenage without actually having a discernible cause.

**Because not very many things rhyme with Johnny. And it was also very embarassing.
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There was a girl on Johnny's bed. Even if that girl was Coraline and even if they were technically dating it was still a strange and rather unsettling thing. It was his bed. He... Well, he slep there. And sometimes he ate there. And sometimes he had vague but generally very pleasant thoughts that he was assured were perfectly normal there. And Coraline was sitting on it.

"You counted my socks?"
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"Umm... What sort of an adventure?" Johnny asked, sitting down awkwardly next to her. He had learned by then that it was best to get as much information as possible from Coraline before agreeing to anything, particularly if the word 'adventure' was included. A lot of the time their individual ideas of what that word meant could be very, very different. It also helped to distract her from his rather contentious relationship with the clothesbox.
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Coraline was lying on his bed with her head in his lap. Johnny froze, looking more panicked at that then at the idea of any adventure. The trick was to take deep breaths, to try not to turn too red, and to very distinctly not think about anything to do with sex. Being a fifteen year old boy, that last bit was more difficult than it had any right to be.

"Giant crabs have invaded the south shore?" Giant crabs had nothing to do with... that. Did they?
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"I suppose so," Johnny said, giving her suggestions the thought that he felt they deserved. It also kept him from thinking about... other things. "How will we know if the same crab's still there? Will it be carrying your football in one claw? Will it have a sign with 'I'm pure evil and need to be destroyed' on?"
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"You could make one," Johnny said, watching her thumb on his knee and smiling a little through the awkward. It felt good. It felt good in a way that he really hoped wouldn't lead to kissing. Normally kissing would be good too, but a part of him felt certain that if it happened while on a bed then you were in another relationship level entirely. "Of course, it'd have to be waterproof."
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"Of course I'm going to help." Johnny Maxwell was trying to ignore the way that Coraline's head was moving. He was trying very, very hard. Giant crabs were a good distraction, but perhaps not good enough. Desperate, he began doing multiplication tables in his head. As he was horrible at math at the best of times just trying to remember them was a fairly effective distraction.
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It was very warm and very nice and very comfortable and if he wasn't very careful... Things might happen. Capitol letter Things. Possibly even italic Things.

"Nine times five is forty-seven?"

Johnny looked down at Coraline, realizing with a horrible sense of dread that he had just said his distraction technique out loud. He could feel his face already going red. "Umm..."
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"No! I mean, not really? It's just... Well, do you ever think that you absolutely have to think of something or else you might think about something else and that second something might possibly be the sort of something that lead to things?"

In some corner of his mind, Johnny was aware of the fact that he was rambling, badly, as his face turned an even deeper shade of red. But he couldn't stop it. All he could do was let his subconscious sit back as his mouth kept going blindly on.

"I mean, not necessarily bad things, but just Things. Things that are more complicated than normal things."
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"Oh." Well, at least that was rather more encouraging, even if he wasn't sure just what it was encouraging. It was also about as far as he wanted the conversation to go honestly. "That's good, then, I suppose."
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"Yeah. I think it's all right." Johnny nodded, the blush subsiding a little though the idea of Things possibly happening with Coraline someday in the future was enough to make his stomach go all weird. Was that a normal side effect?
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"Wait. What?" She wanted him to stay over? She wanted to ask people if he could stay over? Why? Was she planning something? What happened to no complicated things? That certainly sounded complicated to him.
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Johnny nodded dumbly. There were times with Coraline when it was wiser to just shut up and let her get on with it and now was clearly one of them. If you just nodded and looked like you were paying attention most things tended to go all right in the end.
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"Well, don't you think it's a bit umm... weird? Fifteen seems rather too old for sleepovers." It also seemed weird for other reasons, reasons that nothing short of cruel and unusual torture would make him divulge. Coraline probably could have gotten it out of him in fifteen minutes or less if she applied herself.
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"I don't know..." He was on the spot now, scratching awkwardly at the back of his neck and trying not to panic and say something incredibly stupid. "It just sort of is."
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"I don't know," he repeated miserably. He already knew that Coraline wouldn't stop. It was all just a matter of how long he could hold out.
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Johnny nodded, looking down at her hand. It was only mildly easier than looking at her face. "I know. It's just... Well, I think it's something... Well, it's one of those... It's a thing probably."

It would have been so much easier to say if his voice hadn't gone all weird and squeaky when he came to the actual word.
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