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There was one excitable puppy running around the Homestead in its newly changed state. There was one haughty black cat, licking the face of it's human and purring contently before settling on her pillow close to her in a black bundle of fur. And there was one teenage girl sleeping in her bedroom as if nothing had happened. She looked... terrible. Pale and sunken, a little hollowed out. More than a little worse for wear but she wouldn't stay at the clinic, she had wanted to go home.

She stirred, making a face before rolling over. One eye opening to stare at Cat before reaching across to tap her nose against his cold wet one. Smiling tiredly she wriggled her fingers free before scratching the top of his head. Coraline smiled as he miaowed loudly at her and at the room in general as if to make sure everyone knew she was awake.

"Missed you too WussPuss," Coraline said, sitting up before tugging Cat into her arms and hugging him. Padding out into the hall, she smiled at the strange new Homestead and everything that had changed. She had been gone, now she was home again. The island had been here now it was somewhere else. "Hello? Is anyone home?"
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She was back and he still couldn't settle, even once she was back home and in her own bed. He'd had to keep himself from checking on her about every five sodding minutes, silently convincing himself she wasn't going to go missing again, not so soon after she'd just got back.

Waking up to a changed Homestead wasn't unexpected, and Bill was looking over the map that had been left for them when he heard her call out. He jumped up as if he'd been hit with a stinging hex and dashed into the hall, screeching to a halt when he saw Coraline standing there, Cat held in her arms as if she'd never left. Without a word, he went over to her in long-legged strides and swept her into a hug.
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"You needn't apologise," Bill insisted, his voice rough. He held her tight, nearly lifting her off the floor, more grateful than words could express that she was back and safe. "It wasn't your fault. I'm just glad you're all right."
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Bill pulled back just enough to be able to look down at Coraline, his eyebrows raising. "A recipe? You must be starving," he said, a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Come on. Let's go to the kitchen and I'll make you whatever you like."
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"If I'd had some dough made we could have pizza, but I don't, I'm afraid," Bill replied as they went into the kitchen. "We can go out somewhere if you want that, though. From what I've heard of New York, they've got excellent pizza here."
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"Nothing too weird? I reckon I can manage that," said Bill with the faintest of smiles. "You have a seat and I'll get everything started."
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There's this aching worry in his gut that Danny hasn't been able to shake. There's been no sleeping, there's been barely any eating, and he hasn't exactly stopped when Steve suggested he ought to. Coraline's not there and he refuses to think that she's just gone. He can't think that. Other people disappear, but not the kids, not them, not after what happened with Esther.

He's been spending time at the Homestead just in case and when he hears a familiar voice, he jostles himself out of the half-dazed sleep and staggers to find his cane. "Cora?" he calls out hoarsely.
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Danny holds her so tight because he doesn't really think he's planning on letting her go anytime soon. That's his feeling. Instead, he hugs her even tighter to his side and brushes a kiss to her temple. "Where the hell did you go, huh?" he asks hoarsely, grateful that she's not gone, but confused as to where she'd gone.
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Danny only holds her in tighter when she makes the face, unwilling to give her up -- not now that he has her. "So, what? All that time that we were out there and looking for you, what? You could see us? You just couldn't shout at us? How'd you manage to get back?"
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"I'm glad you did, kiddo," Danny says, sincere and his voice tinged with emotion. He brushes a fond kiss to her cheek. After everything else that he's lost lately, he's not sure that he could cope with Coraline vanishing from him, too. "Hey, how about I treat you to something? Dinner or ice cream, maybe?"
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"Maybe sometime when I'm know," Danny says, gesturing to his torso. The cold weather's been making it a little harder to heal and with Halloween, his stitches are fresh again. "How about we take a raincheck and when I feel better, you can piggyback anywhere you like."
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"Nah, no, you didn't," Danny says, even though it's twinging a little. It's only a little and it's not enough to worry her with. "And I think it's the island, I just think we got a little trip to New York City," he says with a small smile. "Which means you and I can find a nice little restaurant, you and I."
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He softens at the 'Daddy' and that's never not going to make him feel like a million bucks. He leans in to press a kiss to Coraline's cheek. "How about we make a calendar and we'll go out whenever you want. I owe you that much."
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"Yeah, if Johnny's not too mad, he can come too. And, you know," he continues with a bemused look on his face. "If he's not too scared of me."
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"I have said nothing to the boy," Danny swears, hands up in the air. "I only implied that I'm very protective of you because I love you. And, you know, whether he's scared of Steve's guns is up to him."
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"I didn't do anything. Steve was being Steve and I can't change that. It's a part of life, like the sun rising in the morning and spam being a disgusting food type," Danny informs her with a shrug of his shoulders.
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"I'm not nice," Danny contradicts, even though he has his moments. "I am not a nice person. Niceness does not become me." But he figures he ought to at least try, for Coraline's sake.