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Coraline Jones ([personal profile] curiously_cora) wrote2015-04-23 09:20 pm


Track list:
We built this city
Highway to Hell
Don’t fear the reaper
Sugar, we’re going down.
Carry on wayward soon.

There were fourteen different tour dates, in fourteen different cities marked off on a map. They had driven- or been driven- through at least two states in the last forty eight hours. There were eight people squashed into one tiny tour bus, and she had a room all to herself.

“This is patently unfair,” a muffled voice murmured somewhere from somewhere between her thighs.

“Excuse me?” Coraline asked, watching as another card was laid down on the table. Looking at Bumblebee’s impassive face, Coraline hummed and added another chip to the pile. “What’s patently unfair?”

“You- you with your getting a whole room, when no one else does. I sleep with your legs round my ears, I mean my legs round my ears. And you- you get to sprawl out in your big room.”

“Well, yeah because I’m a girl Sam. Also, it’s hardly huge. I barely fit in it. And what are you complaining about, it’s not like you don’t sleep with me almost every other night.” Coraline replied, pressing her lips together and narrowing her eyes at Bumblebee. Who was apparently in his whistling, eye waggling mood tonight. She was also pretty sure he was kicking Sam beneath the table. “Are you done yet? Or are you going to stay down there all night?”

Sam came up for air with a low moan before collapsing in the seat beside Coraline. Pressing the nail polish down on the table, Coraline smiled at his sweaty, red face.

“Done, toenails all polished. There, is this stupid bet settled now?”

Lifting her toes up, she wiggled them and nodded her head. Sam should really know better than to bet against her, she always won.

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