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Coraline was thirteen years old, she was independent and brave and smart but right now, right now Coraline didn't feel like any of those things. Coraline felt rather small actually, small and weak and hurt and what she really wanted right now was her daddy and her mum. Or rather what she wanted was Adam and Sarah. Everywhere hurt from her head to her toes. Her head hurt the worst thought, it made everything hard to focus and she'd been sick earlier. She didn't like being sick.

And the worst thing was Coraline knew that Adam was going to yell at her. Or worse he was going to be disappointed in her. She hadn't meant to get hurt, she hadn't even seen the monster but it had been there and it had hurt her. It had hurt her friends. And now Adam was going to be cross with her. She wasn't sure what was worse; being hurt, knowing Adam was going to be cross or being unable to help her friends because she was weak. Weak and tired and hurt.

Coraline winced at the bright light in the clinic and slowly lifted a scraped and bruised arm to cover her eyes and protect them from the light. It hurt, everything hurt.
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Lucy was gone. Her friend, her best friend, herfirstfriend had simply... gone. She'd done the one thing Coraline had always been scared of, she'd finally left her without even saying goodbye. It wasn't fair! It wasn't right! She was her best friend. Why? Why had someone taken her away from her?

Coraline ran, stumbling and falling to the ground where she grazed her knees and hands. Blood clinging to her tights and to her gloves, she let out a sharp yelp of pain and rubbed the back of her sore hands across her face to try and stop the tears falling from her face. Lucy was gone. Picking herself up she ran the final small distance home, slamming the door open she ignored Adam and ran straight to her room. She didn't even take her wellies or her coat off, just simply ran.

Throwing herself onto her bed, Coraline let out a sob before brought the blankets over her to hide her from the outside world. Pressing her face into the pillows, she finally began to cry in earnest. And then she didn't stop crying. Just took long heartbreaking breaths before sobbing harder into her pillow. She couldn't breathe, she didn't want to. It felt like her heart was breaking.
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Coraline rolled over groggily in her sleep. Opening her eyes she looked at the small pile of presents that she had to give out before rolling back over in bed. Snuggling down in her bed covers, she closed her eyes sleepily before she bolted straight up in bed. Smiling happily, she realised exactly what day it was. Christmas.

"ADAM! ADAM!" Coraline practically screamed jumping out of bed and wincing as her bare feet hit the cold floor. Not stopping to put slippers or socks on Coraline ran to the short distance to his room whooping and yelling with glee. Throwing herself at the vaguely Adam shaped body in bed, Coraline probably managed to hit his stomach and sides with her elbows before she started jumping on the bed in excitement. "Adam! Adam! Wake up! It's Christmas Adam! CHRISTMAS!"
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I am in a room with mirrors to which I have the only key. My heart beats very fast, and I am afraid. I should not be here. Mohinder will not like it.

I look in the first mirror. I am there, my blonde hair a tangle as I fight with another boy over a stuffed toy and then another. The toys cry out in familiar voices and I let go, falling backwards, tumbling into the next mirror.

I am stabbing the boogeyman with a fork. I think I am going to eat him. He will do some good before he dies. But he does not die and I am on the ceiling. Small and frightened and screaming. My blood drops from my mouth, until a boy comes. The mirror shatters stabbing him and he dies, but the broken mirror sets me free.

I run and there is another mirror. In it toy soldiers march into dark caves. A tall man with eyes of steel tells me to fill the caves with gas, but I don't want to. Another big man with a sword comes and he saves me, his princess, and tells me the past is not written in stone. I don't understand, so I flee.

A scary man catches me and sings me to sleep. He is not Mohinder or Matt, and I am afraid to sleep, but I can't help it. I sleep, but I am not sleeping beauty. No one can wake me and I am trapped in my nightmare mirrors, spinning from one to another and another until I am screaming at the top of my lungs, shouting but no one hears.

I tell myself I am Alice. It is only a dream and I can wake up.

I do not wake, but the dream becomes nicer. A friend holds me and comforts me. Sometimes he looks like Mohinder. Sometimes I don't recognize him, but he is safe and I curl closer in my dream. "Coraline, you are safe," he tells me, but my name is Molly or Mohinder. I'm confused and I want to wake up.

Mohinder rolled closer to the warmth, reaching out instinctively to pull it closer, tuck it under his arm and against his chest. It didn't budge and nor did it feel familiar, except that it was male and strong and smelled clean. Whoever it was had obviously come to his bed willingly. The fleeting thought crossed his mind that it might be Owen, but his half-conscious mind dismissed the possibility before he could wake enough to worry over it.

Still half-asleep, he smiled and sleeked a hand over a strong abdomen.
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Coraline dreamed a dream.

She was at the picnic, again, under the old oak tree, in a green meadow. She had, had this dream once before and it had been a good one. She had been greeted by the souls of the three children she had saved; the boy, the girl and the fairy girl. They'd eaten their different food together at the picnic, then played for what felt like hours before the children had given her a finaly warning and gone on to whatever lay beyond for dead children.

Coraline saw the white-linen cloth laid on the grass and ran towards it. Coraline was sat on one side of the tablecloth, waiting for the three children to join her. Coraline sat alone for what felt an awful long time, Coraline picked at the food and looked around her. Waiting. Had they forgotten her?

The wind rustled the leaves in the tree above her and Coraline looked up. The wind picked, sending the bowls and the food flying away from Coraline. Coraline chased after the bowl, the white cloth whipping into the air. Coraline chased them down the hill towards the stream. The cloth and food settled back onto the other side of the strem, rearranging themselves as the three children moved to take a seat.

"Hello Coraline, do you want to come and play with us?" The boy asked in a whispery voice. Coraline nodded and went to step on the bridge. Coraline looked up and took a step back. The children sat their staring at her hungrily, each with eager button eyes.

"I saved you, I got you out." Coraline said, taking another step back and into the cruel arms of the other mother. "I saved them!"

"Of course you didn't, you're just a child. You never got out of my clutches," The other mother told her, pulling Coraline's arm towards her.

"I did! Let me go!" Coraline said, trying to get away from her. She musn't cross the bridge, she musn't. The other mother hit her hard, sending her sprawling into the dirt.

"I don't like disobediant children Coraline." The other mother said and smiled bending down. "I'll just have to get rid of you."

She wrapped her claw like fingers around her neck and squeezed tightly.

Coraline woke, half choking on the key that had tangled and knotted around her neck tightly. Coraline pulled the necklace off and threw it across the room.
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There were some things Coraline Jones was very good at. Exploring, football, making Things and an assortment of other oddities. However there was one thing she was very bad at-patience. Coraline had given Adam a whole day to cheer up, practically a lifetime but that was it. Now she had to go and see him and cheer him up.

Coraline stomped away from the Compound in her brand new wellington boots, vivid pink with blue hearts, on the search for Adam Carter. For a spook, for a spy he wasn't awfully hard to find. "Hello Adam!" Coraline said cheerily, waving at Adam. He still looked dreary "You look like it's a rainy day and you're stuck indoors. Except it's not."


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