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Coraline sighed as if the whole entire world was on her shoulders. She was Grounded. G-R-O-U-N-D-E-D. One of the few words she could spell. She was allowed to go to school, eat her dinner at the compound, have a bath, do her homework and chores and that was it. Today she had a list of words to spell and learn.

Coraline stared at the list of words she had to learn the spelling and meaning of and frowned. The words were: Responsibility, Maturity, Consequence, Dangerous, Irresponsible, Justification, Anxiety, Worry, Heartache and Furious. Adam was as subtle as a very unsubtle thing. She hadn't even got to see Cain yet and tell him about her adventure. It wasn't fair.

"Re-spon-sib-ill-it-tee, Responsibility. A sense of trustworthiness, a social force or duty and the extent of our actions." Coraline said, reading the bits of definition she understood from the dictionary. Closing her eyes, Coraline tried to imagine the word and began to spell it outloud. "R-E-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-LL-I-T-Y. Responsibility."

Coraline frowned as she checked it. She hated spelling. She hated being Grounded. She wanted to go out and play.
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Coraline hadn't really expected to win Cain. She'd bid on him because he was her very important island person. The news that she had won him, though unexpected, had made her extremely happy. Not as happy as she was to win Bill but still very happy. She was going to make him play dress up, maybe have a tea party and line dance with her. Cain was probably going to hate her but she didn't mind because she was going to have lots of fun.

Pulling on the apron over the blue dress, Coraline tied the string in a nice neat bow. Coraline pulled her wellington boots off and put on the neat black shoes from home that her mother had bought her for school. Finishing her hair with a black ribbon, Coraline picked up her catbag and headed off towards the Compound where she had asked him to meet her.

Today was going to be Brilliant.


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