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Coraline was loving being a grown up. Not only could she drink and kiss boys and stay up as late as she wanted but she'd made a whole load of new friends and she was going into dino territory again unaccompanied. Well, accompanied by Aidan but that didn't count. Aidan was cool, Aidan was friends with ghosts and werewolves which was an idea that Coraline could defintely get behind. And besides it wasn't like she was going to get into trouble. Well, it wasn't like she was purposefully going to try to get into trouble.

"You're late," Coraline said as she heard someone approach her from behind. Bent over Coraline was trying to tie the laces on her boots and was scowling something fierce at them. Coraline had forgotten how irritating laces were, wearing wellies was far easier but that would led to some uncomfortable questions from certain people. Besides she didn't want people interrogating or stopping her when she was off to explore. "You know you're not supposed to keep a lady waiting."

Coraline stood up, pulling her t-shirt down from where it had ridden up and turned to face Aidan.

"I'm kidding, I haven't been waiting at all. I just wanted to make you fear my terrible wrath. Are you excited?" Coraline asked Aidan curiously with a bright, easy smile.
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Coraline yawned, stretching her arms up as she kicked her sheets off her bed. Legs dangling off the end of the bed Coraline sat up onto her arms and stared down at legs that were longer then last night. Coraline knew she grew and grew quite quickly but this was ridiculous. Swinging her legs over Coraline walked over to her marked door and stood back against it before placing her hand above her head.

"How have I grown two inches?" Coraline asked curiously before frowning at her voice. It sounded weird. It sounded older. Coraline looked down at herself, at the clothes that had been too big on her last night but were now too snug. Especially around the chest area. "What the-BILL! BILL!"

Coraline opened her door, storming out into the hall and down towards the kitchen before she finally caught sight of her reflection. Coraline paused mouth open in shock as she looked at her face... her body! Coraline swallowed before giggling. This was going to be so awesome! She looked old!

"Nevermind!" Coraline yelled, turning around and around as she looked herself over. "This is so cool."

Looking around Coraline grabbed one of Bill's shirts and ran back towards her room with a happy whoop. Coraline put her 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on her door before shutting it with a bang. Coraline needed a plan of action, Coraline needed to... get rid of her Coraline-ness.

"Okay, let's see. No key, no bracelet, no catbag, no Cat you'll have to stay here, no... wellies. Oh, but I like my wellies." Coraline said grumbling to herself as she began to write a list of things she wanted to do now that she was a Grown Up. "And I need a legend. A simple one just like Adam did. I could be Jo or ha! I'll be Caroline! Right, first I need clothes. And then I need a drink or a kiss or something! Ha this is brilliant!"

Coraline shrugged out of her clothes into Bill's oversized shirt and tugged on a pair of converse flats. Wrapping a belt around her middle she looked- well, Coraline thought she looked odd but she in fact looked hot. Peeking out of her bedroom Coraline looked around before making her escape.

"Going out!" Coraline yelled as she ran out of the Homestead. The island was in for a whole world of trouble.

OOC: Catch Coraline going up to the Compoung or trying to find something to wear.


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